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Concrete Overlays and Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation,  Angela Folkestad, PE

Angela Folkestad is the Executive Director of the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA). She represents the concrete pavement industry in Colorado and Wyoming as a resource to public and private owners, designers, and consultants in the design and construction of concrete pavements. Folkestad has over 18 years of engineering experience, 11 of which have been spent in the aviation engineering field. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University and is a registered professional engineer in Colorado. Additionally, she has in-depth knowledge of the best practices for pavement design and construction, as well as pavement promotion and advocacy.


Concrete Overlays: It is no secret that counties, cities, and towns must do more with less.  Of course, this makes roadway preservation and construction even more challenging than ever, but there are solutions to this challenge. You may be surprised to learn that concrete pavements can provide some affordable solutions. All pavements eventually will need to be resurfaced, repaired, or replaced, but concrete pavements are increasingly being used for pavement preservation and rehabilitation strategies. Concrete overlays can help preserve and rehabilitate existing systems, and can be used to extend the life of existing asphalt, concrete, or composite pavements.