Pole Mountain

Tight Budget – Reduce Energy Costs Steve Hastings 

Steve has a long career in the energy efficiency, mechanical construction and service, and building controls industry. He provides an independent resource for public entities for creating sustainability and energy efficiency plans, developing energy performance contract programs and representing facility owners, designing performance assurance programs, providing energy audits and equipment condition evaluations, performing measurement and verification of performance, planning building automation systems integration, and other facilities improvement programs or projects.   He created and managed the original Wyoming Energy Conservation Improvement Program and recently developed an in-house recommissioning for the University of Wyoming.  He is currently working with the City of Cheyenne on energy efficiency initiatives.

Tight Budget – Reduce Energy Costs.  In this session we will begin by looking at how buildings use energy to help understand where utility dollars are spent.  Then we’ll discuss some relatively simple improvements and actions public works departments can explore to reduce energy use and cost so they can free up some of those dollars within the budget.  We’ll conclude with how possible sources of funds to pay for improvements might be identified and an outline of the next steps for moving forward.  By the end of the session, participants will be able to look for potential energy cost saving opportunities in their facilities and how they might develop their programs for reducing energy use and costs while improving operation.