Pole Mountain

Using GPS to Improve Landfill Operations Samuel Rohr

 Sam Rohr is the Director of Sales and Marketing, GeoLogic Computer Systems


  • The speakers background, a description of the GPS products offered by Geologic Computer Systems, and how they are applied to the Waste industry.

GPS basic concepts:

  • Early stages of construction grade GPS and the concept of RTK GPS
  • How it can be applied to the landfill
  • The method of density measurement and how the operator interface works.

Evolution of modern GPS:

  • Improvements that have been made in the past few years
  • How GPS will help all site level management
  • Different modules and their applications
  • How the system gives live feedback to the operator and annual reports to the landfill management.

The Future of GPS:

  • Innovations and future of GPS and how it will evolve