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Soil and Pavement Remediation over Buried Pipes Rod Farrington

Mr. Farrington’s nearly 30 years of engineering and management experience began with a 10 year stint at UPS, where his responsibilities include construction, major renovation and repairs of facilities in a 5 state region.  Mr. Farrington joined URETEK USA in 1996 as Regional Sales Representative in a 7 state territory where he provided cost effective solutions to pavement and infrastructure preservation to the Public Works Sector.  In 2002 he moved to the home office as VP Sales and Marketing.  Mr. Farrington directed URETEK’s activities in providing technologies that improve and maintain road and infrastructure assets nationwide.  In 2006 Mr. Farrington and his partner purchased the licensing rights to open their own URETEK office in the Heartland of the United States.  They provided URETEK’s processes and services to the private and public sector in Iowa and parts of Nebraska.  Mr. Farrington joined Concrete Stabilization Technologies in 2015 to direct CST’s growing sales force in the states of Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.  A native of Nebraska, Mr. Farrington holds degrees from Iowa State University and the University of Arkansas.

Case Study – Soil and Pavement Remediation over Buried Pipes: Powers Blvd. in Colorado Springs (Hwy 21) south of Barnes Road had experienced settlement of the asphalt roadway over 2 buried storm pipes.  The impacted area was approximately 60’ long spanning over 9 lanes of traffic plus a small median (at least 110’).  The roadway in the SB lanes was down about 3” tapering to very minor settlement in the furthest NB lane.   The settlement was causing a rough ride, and CDOT was concerned as the dip was getting worse.

The root cause of the problem was 2 – 78” parallel storm pipes approximately 14’ below the roadway.  CDOT had found and repaired some improperly installed joints that had allowed fines to enter the pipes causing weakness of the soils supporting the roadway above.  The goal of the project was to identify the weakness in the soil, strengthen the soils and raise the roadway to grade with minimum impact on this busy stretch of roadway.

Three solutions were evaluated and surgically installed Expanding Structural Polymers (ESP) was the selected solution.  This presentation will discuss the pros and cons of the three proposed solutions; review the execution of the project and provide other examples of similar projects where ESP has been used successfully.