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Cheyenne’s West Edge Project Brandon Cammarata, AICP

Brandon is the Planning and Development Director for the City of Cheyenne and began his career with the City of Cheyenne in 2003. Brandon has been involved with a wide range of projects ranging from annexations, site plan reviews, small infrastructure projects, code writing and long range planning processes. As the Planning and Development Director Brandon manages both the long range planning division and the current planning division with a staff of 8 – 10 professionals. Brandon holds an undergraduate degree in Business and Administration and a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado.


Cheyenne’s West Edge Project:  In 2011, the city of Cheyenne received a $1 million Brownfield EPA Coalition Grant. The grant became the foundation for planning and implementation efforts directed at making the Lower Capitol Drainage Basin and the West Edge of Downtown Cheyenne a vital, vibrant attractive and inviting place to live, work, shop and play. Although it has been historically challenged by the risk of flooding and the high costs of addressing the impact of previous industrial development in the area, the Lower Capital Drainage Basin has many assets, including historic buildings and proximity to downtown and the depot.

An extensive public engagement process was initiated in September 2012 and concluded in May, 2013. The process revealed that there was a clear desire to inspire/motivate West Edge reinvestment efforts through development of a multi-purpose downtown amenity with a flexible footprint. Although a specific design wasn’t identified, the goal of the amenity would be to improve storm water management, mitigate potential Brownfields and promote private investment in residential and commercial revitalization efforts.