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UNMANNED AERIAL SYSTEMS (UAS) – The New Frontier in Public Works Infrastructure and Asset Management D.C. Mummert, P.E.

Daniel Mummert, P.E., is the Unmanned Systems and Remote Sensing program lead for Trihydro Corporation. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer with more than twelve years of experience as a consultant for aerial mapping, surveying, and civil engineering projects.  Mr. Mummert has been responsible for LiDAR and photogrammetric mapping projects, throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, using manned and unmanned aircraft.  His experience includes detailed mapping and 3D modeling of water resources infrastructure, industrial facilities, mines and landfills.  He currently oversees Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) flight operations, planning, data collection, and data processing for Trihydro.


UNMANNED AERIAL SYSTEMS (UAS) – The New Frontier in Public Works Infrastructure and Asset Management. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, are changing how we view and interact with our world, and spurring a renaissance in technology development. They offer facility and infrastructure managers new perspectives to solve the problems and challenges encountered every day. Not only can UAS replace any time-consuming and dangerous data collection tasks, they also provide cost effective access to higher quality imagery and data.

Trihydro began developing a UAS program in 2014 to support our engineering and environmental projects.  Trihydro spent a year researching equipment, applications, safety procedures, and applications before rolling out our program in 2015.  Since commencing our program, we have worked with a variety of partners and clients performing aerial investigation, documentation, or mapping for landfills, roads, riparian areas, reservoirs, stockpiles, industrial facilities, reclamation sites, and mines. 

This discussion will present applications related to managing solid waste, transportation, and water resources infrastructure. We will review how facility and infrastructure managers, and technical professionals benefit from UAS.  This discussion will also include an overview of regulatory and operational requirements, necessary for FAA compliance.