Pole Mountain

Pershing Roundabout Project, Cheyenne WY Nathan Beauheim, P.E.

Nathan Beauheim is the Assistant City Engineer for the City of Cheyenne and a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a degree in civil engineering.

The original city of Cheyenne (1867) was laid out on a grid pattern paralleling the Union Pacific Railroad tracks approximately 28 degrees from true east-west.  Prior to World War II, Laramie County had begun to lay out county roads on a true east-west basis.  It was somewhat inevitable that major roads on the two different alignments would one day intersect.  Had this intersection been a simple merger, it would probably have worked reasonably well.  Unluckily, a north-south road was constructed through the intersection.  Even more unluckily, the north-south road developed in a major road in its own right as it is the first north-south road going around the airport to populous north side of town and major shopping area for 1.5 miles.  This presentation will discuss the process of deciding upon a preferred alternative; selling that alternative to the public; and then the trials and tribulations associated with constructing a large multi-lane roundabout in the middle of a City