Historic Hynds Building

Address: 1604 Capitol Ave
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Built in 1919 by noted Cheyenne entrepreneur and philanthropist Harry P. Hynds, the Hynds Building design was advanced for its time and modeled after buildings in New York City. Similar to currant construction methods, the structure has no interior or exterior supporting walls because its mass is carried on a steel “I” beam frame, with poured concrete ceilings and floors. In keeping with Mr. Hynds’ wish that the building be fire-proof (the earlier building on the site burned to the ground), wood was not used in its construction. All doors, casing, windows, and frames are metal, even the decorative picture rail in all the hallways. The metal was painted with a wood grain so artistically advanced and beautifully rendered, that year’s later visitors would recall the “beautiful woodwork” in Hynds. With white terra cotta tile exterior cladding, marble wainscoting and mosaic tile floors the Hynds Building is a fine example of the work of renowned Wyoming architect William Dubois.
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