Historic Lakeview Cemetery

Address: 2501 Seymour Ave
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: (307) 637-6402
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This cemetery was established in the 1800s when the Union Pacific Railroad came to Cheyenne. Self-guided walking tours available. No charge.

Extensive research for the walking tour was conducted by several persons and took over a year.  A pamphlet was produced prior to the self-guided tour booklet and contains information on those who left a mark on Cheyenne's history.  The 22 tour stops follow established roadways within Lakeview Cemetery, making the tour easily accessible for either driving or walking the route.  The tour takes about an hour to complete (depending on how interested you get along the way) and although it is free, donations are accepted at the cemetery office for the City's "Friends of the Cemetery"  program to promote historical and beautification projects as well as recouping costs of the pamphlet and tour booklets.

As you take this tour, you will be introduced to the famous and the not so famous in our history.  You will be asked to look at cemetery markers not simply as mute stones but as works of art and as commentaries on our society.   You will learn about the men, women, and children who lived - and died - in Cheyenne and about the city which they helped build.  In short, you will take a brief journey into our past and, we hope, emerge with a greater appreciation for our history and a reverence for those who made it.

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