Union Pacific Roundhouse Turntable and Machine Shop

Address: 121 W 15th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82001
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The Union Pacific roundhouse, turntable and machine shop are located in the westcentral portion of the Union Pacific rail yards in Cheyenne. The impressive stone Union Pacific Depot, constructed in 1886, with its 118-foot high clocktower is located only a short distance to the northeast of the roundhouse and dominates the skyline in that direction. The machine shop, a large rectangular-shaped brick building was constructed in 1919 and represents another early component of the rail facilities. The roundhouse was constructed in 1931 and is a massive wedge-shaped brick building with a three-tiered roof. The 126-foot diameter continuous span type turntable and control house were constructed in 1941 and replaced a smaller turntable dating from 1911. The turntable has a rail-embedded circular concrete apron and is considered an integral component of the roundhouse facility. The Union Pacific roundhouse, turntable, and machine shop are historically significant due to their unique engineering attributes designed for a single function, the maintenance and storage of steam locomotives. The structures are also significant due to their relationship to the continued development of the first transcontinental railroad and its effect on the formation and growth of Cheyenne and the Territory and State of Wyoming.

The roundhouse, turntable and machine shop are open for tours only once a year during Depot Days, which is held the third weekend of May.

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