Address: 1518 Capitol Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: (307) 634-3048
Website: Visit Website


The three story red-painted brick building dominates a corner of Capitol Avenue by the train tracks. Home to some sort of retail outlet since its erection in 1892, the main building was joined with an adjacent former hotel sometime in the 1960s. (The upper floors of the main building itself were also formerly a hotel.) Together the two buildings give you about 13,000 square feet of ranchwear and Western clothing, hats, boots and accessories to choose from or just marvel at. How about a diamond-studded Stetson? Or Cruel Girl jeans? Carhartts? A leather jacket from Arello? Or maybe all you need is a good, old pair of Wranglers?

The sky-lit hat room has a selection of nearly 500 ranging in price from $12.99 to that $1,200 diamond-studded Stetson. The boot department has something for everyone too. You'd think that with all this merchandise the biggest problem here would be making up your mind, but it's not. It's actually finding your way back to all the things you like: with so much space in so many different rooms between two buildings, The Wrangler would serve itself well to lend GPS navigational systems to shoppers.

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