Wyoming State Capitol Building

Address: 200 W. 24th
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: (307) 777-7220
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National Historic Landmark

(Closed for remodeling until 2019.)  The cornerstone of the Wyoming State Capitol was laid in Cheyenne on May 18, 1887.  It was a proud day for the citizens of Wyoming Territory and the Cheyenne Democratic Leader commented upon what was "the occasion of the greatest military and civic demonstration ever witnessed in the history of the city." The building is a three and one-half story structure, about 300 feet long by 83 to 112 feet wide exclusive of approaches. The height of both the center and wings from ground to roof is about 60 feet, although the distance from the grade of the building to the top of the spire on the dome is 146 feet. The basic material used in construction of the first two courses or platform of the building is sandstone quarried at Fort Collins, Colorado, and the superstructure is of gray sandstone from quarries at Rawlins, Wyoming. The Wyoming Capitol has been, and still is, a dominant structure on the Cheyenne skyline, in addition to being historically one of the most important buildings in the State.

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