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What a difference two weeks makes. COVID-19 certainly turned our everyday lives upside-down in a hurry. New terms like “shelter in place” and “social distancing” have entered our vocabulary and we now watch the world through virtual windows. So far, Cheyenne has only been grazed by the novel Coronavirus but watching communities around the country could be a peek into our future.

Last week Pennsylvania closed liquor stores to prevent people from leaving their homes more than necessary. Denver tried a similar action that created such a major upheaval the mayor quickly rescinded his order when the stores were overrun by panicked buyers looking toward a future with no foreseeable end, sans booze and weed.

Thankfully, Wyoming has been a leader in the social distancing movement since… well, forever. With a total population of less than 600,000 the state certainly has enough room to spread out and keep our germs to ourselves. Granted, we aren’t distributed equidistantly across the state and the pockets of us who un-Wyomingly congregate in (*shudder*) cities DO need to take preventative measures to minimize the spread of disease. That said, the rush on alcohol stores won’t be making national headlines anytime soon, as we have pre-existing drive-thru liquor stores. While some states stare at this amenity in shock and awe, the busy mom with a toddler strapped into the backseat can go pick up her hard-earned bottle of wine without ever leaving the car. Genius.

Enter COVID-19, the biggest double-you-tee-eff of 2020 so far. Restaurants, daycares, salons, and schools have closed doors at the word of the governor to “flatten the curve” and slow the impact of the pandemic on our healthcare system. As a result, entire families are now suddenly homeschooling whilst working from home, deep cleaning the house, and trying to balance sanity with acceptable doses of screen time. And to that I say, “CHEERS!” to the real heroes in the community – those liquor stores willing to help an of-age Wyomingite out.

To save you some time if you are new to the drive-thru liquor store scene, here are the available stores, ready to get you some well-deserved Wyoming whiskey (or White Claws -we don’t judge) from the relative safety of your vehicle. Just remember, keep the lid on until you get back home.

Drive up and order:

Cool River Wine and Spirits - 5225 Yellowstone Rd

Eagle’s Nest - 1101 W Lincolnway

Uncle Charlie’s - 6001 Yellowstone Rd

Midtown Tavern - 1303 E Pershing Blvd

Peppermill Bar - 1618 Stillwater Ave.

Keg N Kork Liquors & Lounge – 822 Central Ave.

Lamp Lounge - 101 W. 6th St.

Four Winds Liquor and Lounge - 1103 E Pershing Blvd.


Call ahead:

DT's is leading the way, but several are sure to follow. Call your liquor store of choice and ask!

DT’s Package Liquor

3310 Ridge Rd call (307) 634-3334
2121 E Lincolnway call (307) 632-3458