Restaurant week in Cheyenne kicked off yesterday and by all accounts, those who were interested in trying some of the special deals and meals being offered were thrilled with what they found.

Considering there are 14 restaurants participating, the challenge is finding time to hit all of them up or at least deciding which ones you are pumped to try. I think I'm going to attempt to hit all 14 restaurants, but its going to take some planning and execution, especially since I'm a day behind. So without further is my plan to hit all of the restaurants for Cheyenne Restaurant Week.

Monday Lunch: Wyoming's Rib and Chop House
Monday Dinner: Poor Richard's
Tuesday Breakfast: The Luxury Diner
Tuesday Lunch: Steamboat's
Tuesday Dinner: The Wheatgrass
Wednesday Lunch: The Pie Lady
Wednesday Snack: The Paramount Cafe
Wednesday Dinner: Sandalwood's at the Radisson
Thursday Lunch: Hathaway's at Little America
Thursday Dinner: Senator's Steakhouse at Terry Bison Ranch
Friday Lunch: Re-O-Na
Friday Snack: Infused Buttercream Cupcakery
Saturday Lunch:Nagle Warren Mansion
Saturday Dinner: Morris House Bistro

That's a lot of eating, but it can be done! What's your game plan? Tell us about it in the comments below!