Cheyenne Regional Airport Cuts Out the Commute and Brings the World to Our Doorstep

November marked an exciting milestone for Cheyenne: American Airlines began daily service in and out of Cheyenne Regional Airport (CYS), connecting travelers with Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The flight takes approximately the same amount of time it would take to drive to Denver International Airport (DIA), but eliminates the long wait at security, provides free parking, and DFW connects you to more cities than DIA does!

Offering more than just convenience, the brand new terminal also plays part gallery. The building fills with bright, natural light during the day, illuminating the gorgeous artwork on display. A series of mural-sized collages feature iconic symbols of Cheyenne (sponsored and designed by Visit Cheyenne). Throughout and around the building, paintings and sculptures capture artists’ visions of both flight and the West, sparking the imagination with feelings of adventure. Even if you’re not flying out of the airport, it is worth a quick drive down Airport Parkway to take in the latest creative installments in Cheyenne.

The potential to grow Cheyenne’s tourism industry through the addition of this flight service is immense. Skipping the two hour drive up the Front Range and waiting mere moments for baggage to arrive on the carousel is an amenity many of our visitors request, whether visiting for work or pleasure. Making it easier for people to travel to Cheyenne means an additional economic boost, both through the lodging and sales taxes, allowing us to continue to grow and improve our community.

We encourage you to give the service a go and book your next flight through Cheyenne Regional Airport- the world is just a flight away!