Soundembodiment: Tibetan Bowl & Gong Sound Meditation

Date January 24, 2021
Address 902 W. 19th Street
Times 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Admission $35


In this special ALL levels event you will be guided through a series of seated listening and breathing techniques (designed for significantly reducing stress, more effectively managing negative emotional states, as well as developing higher levels of focus and self-awareness), followed by an extended Tibetan singing bowl & Gong Sound Meditation practice where you can simply lie back, settle into a quieter state of mind, and listen in an environment intended to cultivate, strengthen, and support your own inner sense of well-being.
How can a Sound Meditation practice benefit You?
– Dramatically reduces stress
– Improves quality of sleep
– Boosts your immune system & healing response
– Increases ability to focus & concentrate
– Improves memory & overall mental clarity
– Heightens creativity & imagination
– Develops a greater sense of self-awareness & willpower
– Reduces ineffective mental chatter & negative self-talk
– Increases compassion & empathy toward others
– Decreases symptoms of depression, anxiety, & ADHD
A one of a kind combination of highly specialized sacred sound instruments will
be used, consisting of:
– 20 authenticated ancient Tibetan singing bowls
– 38" Paiste planetary Sun gong
– 28" Paiste planetary Jupiter gong
– 24" Paiste planetary Moon gong
*All singing bowls will be amplified by a stereo quality sound system to create one of the most powerful sound meditation experiences that you have ever had!

Soundembodiment: Tibetan Bowl & Gong Sound Meditation
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