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What Does Visit Cheyenne Do?


Visit Cheyenne develops, promotes, and protects the Cheyenne area travel industry, thereby creating memorable experiences for visitors and economic impact for Laramie County.

  • In 2017, Cheyenne and Laramie County welcomed more than 1 million overnight visitors.
  • Visitors spent $346 million in the Cheyenne area (Laramie County) in 2017, supporting 2970 local jobs.
  • Laramie County has the 3rd highest level of traveler spending in Wyoming.
  • If the travel industry were a single business, it would rank as the county's third largest employer behind F.E. Warren Air Force Base and The State of Wyoming.
  • Travelers spend nearly $1 million a day in Laramie County.
  • Without the tax contribution of tourists, each Laramie County household would pay an additional $516 in taxes to maintain existing government services.

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Visitor Guides
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