Does Your Restaurant Want To Participate?


First: Come up with a Prix Fixe Special

What does Prix Fixe mean?  It sounds like “Pre Feeks” and it means the price is fixed.  In most places, a prix fixe menu includes more than one course, or it includes a beverage.  Here’s an example of a prix-fixe menu that has several courses:
Starters- Choose from:

Garden Salad.  Crisp Lettuce with carrot, tomato, cucumber, and croutons w/choice of dressing

Soup of the Day.  A Cup of our Chef’s selection

Entrees- Your Choice Of:

Monterey Grilled Chicken  $20/person.  Grilled chicken breast topped w/ barbeque sauce

Frontier Whiskey Steak  $25/person.  10 oz. rib eye steak marinated in sweet whiskey sauce

(All meals served with delicious warm dinner rolls, butter and honey butter, and your choice of vegetable.)

Dessert- Your Choice Of:

Salted Caramel Brulee Cheesecake

Decadence Chocolate Cake

Can we do something smaller?  Sure!  How about a sandwich, chips and a drink for $10?  Something simpler is often just as fun for the customers.  Use your imagination!  You can also look at some of the menus from last year at

I don’t understand the price points?  Whatever you serve can be $10 or $15 for breakfast/lunch, and $20, $25, $30, or $35 for dinner.  Those prices can be PER PERSON or PER COUPLE.  It doesn’t matter.  These are just guidelines to make it easy for the customers to understand.

We’re not a restaurant.  Can we participate?  Yes!  Any establishment that serves beverages or food is welcome to participate.  Even pop-ups and food trucks can be creative and take part.  If you need ideas about how to do that, gives us a call! 

How much does this cost?  Your participation is completely free.  Visit Cheyenne pays for all the advertising and collateral materials. 

Why does Visit Cheyenne organize this?  Winter months are slow for hotels and restaurants and we use this to bring business in to town that normally might not come.  Last year, participating restaurants reported that their sales were way up…one said they were up 40%!!

What will we need?  Your logo, your menu(s), and some great photos!

How do we get started?  If you have your menu(s), logo, and photos ready, email them today to

If you don’t have an email address, send inquiry and/or menu to:
Visit Cheyenne
121 W. 15th Street, Ste. 202
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Or phone Laura at:
307-772-7253 or 307-778-3133