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WACO 2017 Conference


Name (First Name) Name (Last Name) Company/ County Name Title
Rocky Abbott The Master's Touch, LLC  
Larry Allen Vice-Chairman Fremont
Jim Anderson Fremont Deputy Treasurer
Kendra Anderson Elections Coordinator Campbell
Aaron Anderson Commissioner Washakie
Nickie Arney District Court Clerk Sheridan County
Amber Ash Laramie Commissioner
Matt Avery Campbell Commissioner
Mary Baca Laramie Accounting Supervisor
Lisa Back Campbell Deputy Assessor
Joseph Baron County & Prosecuting Attorney Crook
Gwynn Bartlett County Clerk Carbon
Tammy Bauer Laramie MV Supervisor
Donna Baur County Treasurer Teton
Marcia Bean Deputy Hot Springs
Rusty Bell Campbell Chairman
Patty Bentsen County Treasurer Carbon
Tara Berg Assessor Fremont
Paul Bertoglio Natrona COMMISSIONER
Dan Blakeman Administrator Weston
Clarice Blanton Laramie Mapping Supervisor
Michael Blonigen District Attorney Natrona
Leslie Blythe Regional Business Manager Rocky Mountain Power
Zach Bolger Wyoming Machinery  
Mary Ann Borgeson National Association of Counties 2nd Vice President
Joel Bousman Sublette Commissioner
Terry Brimhall Treasurer Uinta
Kenneth Brown Goshen County Attorney
Kerri Bumgardner Clerk Uinta
Terry Call Deputy Assessor Park
Felix Carrizales Big Horn County Commissioner
Brandy Cassel Laramie Property Tax Deputy
Forrest Chadwick Natrona COMMISSIONER
Leo Chapman Carbon County Commissioner
Joe Chenchar Election Records & Research Specialist N/A
Mark Christensen Campbell Commissioner
Troy Clements Campbell County County Assessor
Jessica Cockrell Election Division Executive Assistant N/A
Mike Colling Converse Commissioner
Bryan Colvard Weston Sheriff
Kent Connelly Vice-Chairman Lincoln
Joe Constantino Wyoming Association of Risk Management  
Mark Cooke Tax Management Associates Inc  
Terri Cornella Clerk of District Court Hot Springs
Kayla Courtright Clerk Niobrara
Deb Craft Commissioner Big Horn
Theresa Curren Assessor Crook County
John Currie Honnen Equipment  
Sherry Daigle Teton County Clerk
Julie Daniels University of Wyoming Extension  
Dale Davis Sweetwater County Clerk
Shelley Deromedi Hot Springs County Assessor
David Divis Sweetwater Chief Deputy
Margaret Dos Santos Election Systems & Software  
Tom Doyle Treasurer Natrona
Pat Drinkle Sweetwater Assessor
Sheila Ducello Wyoming School Boards Association  
Vickie Eastin Sweetwater Deputy County Clerk
Kelly Eberle Laramie Property Tax Supervisor
Trudy Eisele Laramie Treasurer
John Ellis Goshen County Commissioner
Todd Ernst Laramie Field Supervisor
Daniel Erramouspe Sweetwater County Attorney Sweetwater
Marty Ertman County Commissioner Weston
John Espy Commissioner Carbon
Rachel Evans KE Andrews  
Paul Fall County Assessor Sheridan
Margaret Fessler Deputy Treasurer Uinta
Tracy Fletcher Albany Chief Deputy Treasurer
Karen Fortney Laramie Chief Deputy
Becky Freeman Niobrara County Clerk
Julie Freese County Clerk Fremont
Tim French Park County Commissioner Park County
Linda Fritz Crook Crook County Clerk
Jake Fulkerson Park County Commissioner Park County
Christy Gabel Operations Assistant Fremont
Danny Glick SHeriff Laramie
Lindy Glode Commissioner Carbon
Jackie Gonzales Albany County Albany County Clerk
Tracy Good Natrona Chief Deputy Clerk
Rick Grant Converse Chairman
Richard Greenwood Greenwood Mapping, Inc.  
Deanna Grimm Laramie County Records Center Manager
Loren Grosskopf Park County Commissioner, Vice Chairman Park County
Kenneth Guille Laramie Assessor
Patti Guzman Delta Dental of Wyoming  
Kerry Hall Delta Dental of Wyoming  
Jordan Ham Pro River Tech  
Sandra Hammond Laramie Chief Deputy Clerk of District Court
Jerry Harmon Commissioner Lincoln
Scott Harnsberger Fremont Treasurer
Barbara Harris Deputy Clerk of Court Converse
Linda Heath Laramie Commissioner
Rob Hendry Natrona COMMISSIONER
Penny Herdt Administrative Assistant HOT SPRINGS
Jeff Hodge Sheriff Crook
Gus Holbrook Sheriff Natrona
K.N. Buck Holmes Laramie Commissioner
LeahAnne Houk The Master's Touch, LLC  
Troy Hunsucker Peaks Investment Management  
Dixie Huxtable Assessor Converse
Jon Iglehart Pro River Tech  
Margy Irvine Deputy Clerk Fremont
Connie Jacobson Natrona Coroner
Bonnie Jardee Primerica Financial Services  
Roxanna Jensen Sublette County Treasurer Sublettte County
Virginia Johnson Wyoming Machinery  
Wally J. Johnson Sweetwater Commissioner
Shane Johnson Sheriff Lincoln
John Johnson Commissioner Carbon
Shane Johnson Sheriff Lincoln
Eric Johnston Commissioner Platte
Christine Jones Laramie Motor Vehicle Deputy
Terri Jones Albany County Commissioner
Sue Jones Commissioner Carbon
Ron Kailey Laramie Vice Chairman
Clayton Kainer Sublette County and Prosecuting Attorney
Chris Kanwischer Platte County Clerk
Cindy Kenyon Goshen County Clerk
Doris Kern Washakie Treasurer
Robert King Chairman Lincoln
Lisa Kinney VALIC Financial Advisors  
Clark Kissack Campbell Commissioner
Janet Knox Laramie Chief Deputy Assessor
John Kolb Sweetwater Commissioner
Sandy Kontour Commissioner Platte
Carrie Krause Wyoming Association of Risk Management  
Ginny Lacy Sweetwater Deputy County Clerk
Richard Ladwig Niobrara Chairman
Stacy Lam Chief Deputy Albany
Mary Lankford Sublette County Clerk
Christopher LaRosa Deputy County Attorney Sheridan
Dana LaTour Dominion Voting  
Donna Lawrence Property Tax Manager Denbury
John Lawson Natrona Commissioner
Patrick LeBrun Fremont County & Prosecuting Attorney Fremont
Debra Lee Laramie County Clerk
Tony Lehner Converse Commissioner
Patra Lindenthal Clerk of District Court Park
Serena Lipp Clerk Big Horn
Kelli Little WCCA Deputy Director
Devon Litzsinger Laramie Property Tax Deputy
John Lumley Commissioner HOT SPRINGS
Natalia Macker Commissioner Teton
Neil Maglaya Forte Payment Systems  
Chris Mahoney Wyoming Behavioral Institute  
Mary Ann Majszak WY Brand Industries  
Paula Marsh Laramie Supervisor - Clerk of District Court
Robert Martin Laramie Deputy
Nick Martinez Finance Manager Natrona
John Mason Honnen Equipment  
Scott Matheny Campbell County Sheriff
Mona McAuley Platte Clerk of District Court
Jennifer McCarty Board Member Fremont
Pamela McCullough Clerk of District Court Converse
Brenda Meyer Laramie Supervisor - Clerk of District Court
Pat Meyer County Assessor Park
John Midkiff Niobrara Commissioner
Bill Miller LGLP  
Chuck Miotke ArcaSearch  
Maxine Mitchell Goshen Goshen County Treasurer
Lori Mommaerts Election Systems & Software  
Kate Moriarity WCCA Executive Assistant
Justin Morris Hart InterCivic  
Julie Mortimore County Treasurer Hot Springs
Tory Munoz Laramie Deputy Clerk - Elections
Ed Murray Secretary of State N/A
Sherrece Nath Laramie Chief Analyst
Mark Newcomb Commissioner Teton
Troy Niesen WY Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors  
Tom Noble Sublette Commissioner
William Novotny Chairman Johnson
Del Nunley Primerica Financial Services  
Ember Oakley Chief Deputy Fremont County & Prosecuting Attorney Fremont
Pete Obermueller WCCA Executive Director
Hans Odde First Deputy Clerk Park
Dave O'Malley Albany Sheriff
Susie Overman Weston County Treasurer
Tom Overstreet Pro River Tech  
Emily Paravicini Deputy Treasurer Sublette
Tom Paris Territory Manager Natrona
Laura Pate Laramie Real Estate Supervisor
Lucy Pauley Wyoming Agriculture & Natural Resources Mediation Program  
Barb Poley President Park
Robin Poteet Laramie Supervisor - Clerk of District Court
Mack Rawhouser Sublette Commissioner
Andrea Reed Laramie Supervisor - Clerk of District Court
Carrie Reed First Deputy Park
Rebecca Reid Laramie Chief Deputy
Colleen Renner County Clerk Park
Cal Rerucha Carbon County and Prosecuting Attorney Carbon
Smokey Rhea Commissioner Teton
Heber Richardson Albany County Commissioner
Kathi Rickard Goshen Clerk of District Court
Kristi Rietz Platte County Treasurer
Bobby Rolston Anadarko Petroleum Sr. Staff Tax Analyst
Cheryl Ross Carbon Assessor
Tucker Ruby County Attorney Johnson
Carl Rupp Goshen Commissioner
Tom Ryan County Commissiner Hot Springs
Sandy Sailors Laramie Property Specialist Supervisor
Diane Sanchez Laramie Clerk of District Court
Ron Sargent Laramie Coroner
Tammy Saulsbury Chief Deputy Assessor Natrona
Susan Saunders County Clerk Campbell
Jeness Saxton Sublette Sublette County Assessor
Phillip Scheel County Commissioner Hot Springs
Joel Schell Treasurer Converse
Kai Schon State Election Director N/A
Danielle Scott Laramie Motor Vehicle Deputy
Jill Sellers Weston Weston County Clerk
Janice Sexton Clerk of District Court Albany
Melissa Shinkle Assessor Teton
Micky Shober Campbell Commissioner
Steve Shockley Platte Commissioner
Sterling Shoell Wazi Technical Solutions  
Spencer Shoell Wazi Technical Solutions  
Robert Short Converse Vice-Chair
Joe Silverthorne Tyler Technologies  
Linda Simpson Albany Albany County Treasurer
Kristi Skinner LGLP  
Bryan Skoric Park County & Prosecuting Attorney Park
Robb Slaughter Sweetwater Sweetwater County Treasurer
Lisa Smith Deputy Clerk Carbon
Connie Smith Assessor Natrona
Amy Solberg KE Andrews  
Eric South Chairman Uinta
Steve Stahla Crook County Commissioner
Shannon Stanfill WY Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors  
Joshua Stensaas Deputy County Attorney Johnson
Teri Stephen Niobrara County Assessor
Terry Sterling Wyoming School Boards Association  
Mary Grace Strauch Washakie County Clerk
Cheryl Sucharski Laramie Motor Vehicle Deputy
Debra Surratt Goshen County Assessor Goshen
Hannah Swanbom University of Wyoming Extension  
Clarence Thomas Board member Fremont
John Thompson Hart InterCivic  
Troy Thompson Laramie Chairman
Allen Thompson Sheriff Sheridan
Eda Schunk Thompson Clerk Sheridan
Misty Tinney Laramie Auto Titles & UCC Manager
Jennifer Trabing Election Policy and Planning Analyst N/A
Kathy Treanor Washakie Assessor
Peggy Trent Albany County Attorney
Gen Tuma Natrona Clerk of District Court
Debbie Valdez-Ortiz Laramie Elections Manager
Roybal Valerie Laramie Deputy County Clerk
Donald Van Matre Sweetwater Commissioner
Patricia Ventimiglia Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming  
Branden Vilos Deputy County Attorney Park
Renea Vitto Natrona Natrona County Clerk
Paul Vogelheim Commissioner Teton
Mark Voss Laramie County Attorney
Pat Wade Niobrara Vice-Chairman
Jeanne Wagner County Clerk Lincoln
Stanley Walker Laramie Assistant Finance Director
Alyssa Watkins Board of County Commissioners Administrator Teton
Nina Webber County Clerk Hot Springs
Craig Welling Commissioner Uinta
Karen Wheeler Deputy Secretary of State N/A
Kayla White Albany Deputy County Clerk
SuZann Whitlock Clerk of Distrcit Court Washakie
Lynn Wilkey Simplifile  
Jerry Williams County Attorney Hot Springs
Jim Willox Converse Commissioner
Angela Wilson Deputy Assessor Fremont
Terry Wolf Commissioner Washakie
Wally Wolski Goshen County commissioner
Tina Wood Crook Clerk of District Court
John Worrall Washakie County Attorney Washakie
paul Zamora Coroner Carbon
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