Bria Hammock

Bria just so happened to find her love of painting in a long-ago high school art class. Her first concentration (a Star Wars theme, because nerding) catapulted the act of putting color on canvas from just a homework assignment to something she wanted to eat, breathe and sleep.

Fast forward fifteen years, three states, a hubby + two kids later, her brushes had been collecting dust as a casualty of a busy life. Finding herself in a creative rut, Bria gingerly picked up the brushes and dusted off the figurative rust. Today, she brings her subjects to whimsical life through the use of organic lines and unexpected color combinations against the heavy contrast of dark underpainting.

Bria is available for commissions + gallery showings.

Bria Hammock one

Bria Hammock two

Bria Hammock three

Bria Hammock four