Cheyenne is home to a variety of skill based games and Pari-Mutuel historic horse racing terminals that provide casino slot machine style entertainment.

Historical racing machines (HHR) look and operate much like slot machines. However, instead of randomizing the outcome of a play, the way HHRs determine winners is based on previously run horse races. On these machines, you bet on the outcome of horse races, just like you would at any Off Track Betting parlor or horse racing track. The difference is that you’re betting on actual past races. In other words, you don't have to wait around for the race to be run; it's like hitting a fast-forward button for the result, which renders your bet a winner or loser.

The machines are set up so you can choose to watch or replay the actual outcome, if that interests you. Or you can tuck it away and focus on the reels, which simply animate an outcome that coincides with the results of your wager. Bonuses are therefore completely predetermined, as the outcome of the horse race was decided in the past, so the game is just providing slot machine-style entertainment.