What's better on a sunny summer morning than having some pancakes, ham and coffee with 10,000 new friends? Well, there isn't anything better (except getting it for free). The Pancake Breakfasts are held three times during Frontier Days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They are hugely popular because the food is great, the company is awesome and the entertainment is top-notch.

The breakfast runs from 7 to 9 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the historic Depot Plaza, Lincolnway and Capitol Avenue. You might be daunted by the sheer size of the line, but as you snake your way through the serpentine slide of people, you'll find that it moves quickly and you'll end up enjoying all your company!

Once you get to the front, the Kiwanis Club and their army of volunteers will serve you and the crowd more than 100,000 flapjacks made from 5,000 pounds of pancake mix, cook-up 3,000 pounds of ham, serve 9,200 cartons of milk and 520 gallons of coffee, along with 630 pounds of butter and 475 gallons of syrup during the three pancake breakfasts!

There's tons more food to be eaten during Cheyenne Frontier Days, including carnival food on the Midway at Frontier Park, Eighth and Dey Avenues, as well as street vendors throughout the city who show up just for Frontier Days, including some great barbecue. Cheyenne is full of great restaurants that are uniquely Cheyenne (find out about the restaurants in Cheyenne here).

Local churches hold lunches after the Parades on Saturdays, Tuesday and Thursday (signs are up downtown to lead you to the food!).

Hotels with their own restaurants, like Little America and the Plains, have evening events during Frontier Days that celebrate Western food. 

Another fun event with food is the Chuckwagon Cookoff, which is held at the Old Frontier Town between the Old West Museum and the Indian Village, Carey and Eighth Avenues. Watch authentic chuckwagon crews as they give a glimpse into life on the Goodnight Trail more than a 100 years ago. Crews are given a standard set of ingredients, then judged on not only the wide range of foods produced, but also on wagon, tools and campsite. Public may sample food. Demonstration cooking takes place each day of the cookoff and the Championship Cookoff takes place on the final day. 

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