CFD Rodeo Action

Cattle Drive

When it comes to rodeo, it all starts with the stock, so Frontier Days unofficially begins with a Cattle Drive!  On the Sunday prior to the first full weekend of CFD, cowpokes drive 550 head of steer more than four miles from their pasture north of Cheyenne to their stalls at Frontier Park. The drive begins at 7:45 a.m. at Interstate-25 and Horse Creek Road. It then heads south on I-25 Frontage Road to Vandehei Avenue. It then turns onto Central Avenue to Kennedy Road and then north on Carey to the Frontier Days fairgrounds. The event is free.

PRCA Rodeo (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) is at 1:00 p.m. every day at the Frontier Days Arena, Eighth and Dey Avenues. The rodeo features 10 rodeo events and track acts in a fast-paced display of athletics, heroics and good-natured fun. 

That Cheyenne sun is fierce and hot, so plan on wearing a cowboy or baseball hat to shield your face, and plenty of sunscreen for any exposed skin! For information, call 307-778-7200. To get tickets, visit Cheyenne Frontier Days website.


The same professional cowboys participate in the morning's Timed Event Slack ... it's just that the atmosphere is a little different. Slack, named because it loosens up the lineup a little for the afternoon rodeo by letting more cowboys compete. The competition is free to view, and all rides are counted towards the cowboys' overall time for the week. There are no announcers or entertainment, it's just pure rodeo competition. Free.

Professional Bull Riding 

Professional Bull Riding (PBR) is so exciting that it's part of the Night Show lineup. It's all about the raging bull. 

For two nights, the Top-40 stars of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) will attempt to conquer the sport’s rankest bulls on the historic Wyoming Dirt at Cheyenne Frontier Days, strapping in for their shot to make the buzzer. A Rider must stay on each bull for 8 seconds to have the opportunity to advance. If he gets bucked off, he is out of the competition. The grueling match between Man and Beast continues until one prevails and is crowned Last Cowboy Standing! For information, call 307-778-7222. To get tickets, visit Cheyenne Frontier Days website

Ranch Sorting

Ranch Sorting evolved from common ranch work of separating cattle into pens for branding, doctoring, or transport. Now, it is an event that pits two riders on horseback against the clock to cut the correct cattle and drive them to the pen while keeping the wrong numbered cattle back. The Big Daddy Summer Spectacular will be held from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. at Laramie County Community College, 1400 E College. This is a qualifying event for the Ranch Sorting National Championships' Finals in Fort Worth, Texas. Free. For information, call 970-897-2901.

Challenge Rodeo

The Challenge Rodeo pairs special-needs children with the PRCA rodeo contestants in a modified rodeo performance. 

Ticket holders for the rodeo on those days can come early and watch this very special side of professional rodeo. For information, call 307-778-7222. To get tickets, visit Cheyenne Frontier Days website

Behind the Chutes Tours

If you want to see what's going on in the pens and arena, go on the Behind the Chutes Tour at the Old West Museum, 4610 North Carey Avenue, by the "No Looking Back" bronze statue. The tour follows the path of the bulls and broncs as the animals are rounded up and threaded through the maze of gates on their way to the chutes and out into the arena with cowboy in tow. Guests encounter a special experience when they step into the chutes and finish the tour by walking across the arena. Free.

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