Big Boy Steam Engine

When the Union Pacific Railroad needed to tame the Rocky Mountains, they turned to the Big Boy Steam Engines. The powerful coal-fired engine was designed to pull a 3600-ton train over steep grades without helper engines. Even in retirement, Old Number 4004 remains an imposing sight. Visitors can see Big Boy, the world's largest steam locomotive, year-round in Holliday Park. Big Boy is one of only eight such remaining locomotives on display in the U.S.

Big Boy 4014, restored to its original glory resides in the the Union Pacific Steam Shop. 4014 has toured the United States in the summertime bringing joy to thousands. Watch UP's Heritage Fleet website for information on when you might get a chance to see the Big Boy leaving or returning to Cheyenne.

Not to be outdone by cowboys and rodeos, trains have a legitimate claim in making Cheyenne America's "Railroad Capital." At its heart, Cheyenne is a railroad town. Its first residents were men who moved west to work on the transcontinental railroad. Train enthusiasts will find themselves in train heaven in Cheyenne, as its various rail attractions are really quite impressive.

Stop into the Cheyenne Visitor’s Center in the Historic Depot and pick up a Tracking Trains Brochure to learn more about the history of the railroad in Cheyenne.

From time to time, the Union Pacific Steam Shop is opened up for tours to the general public. Due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions issued by the railroad, there are no tours scheduled at this time. Watch this space for future options to see 4014…