Chad Blakely

Chad Blakely is a Cheyenne based artist who, in addition to teaching art, has been professionally working in comics since the 2011 release of his OGN "Kidnapping Kevin Smith.”  He has also worked on the 3 issue all-ages mini-series, "Astonishing Adventures," 2013's "The Con Job: Professional Thieves," among numerous other projects.

He designed a comic book themed mural in Cheyenne and his art is featured on a traffic box on the corner of 20th & Capital. Recently he designed comic book characters and a 16-page comic book menu based on the beers of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Daniel Mark's Brewery and Tap Room. In addition to doing art for the Wyoming Tribune Eagle and filmmaker Kevin Smith, he is currently locked in his basement, toiling away on a new graphic novel and plotting to model the comic book world in his own, geeky image!

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