Evan Levi

My home is nestled in the High Plains, 7220' above sea level. Cowboys drive cattle down the highways, miners pull raw materials from the unforgiving earth, and outdoor enthusiasts of all types search the hills for the next big thing. The winters are cold, the summers dry, and the air is thin, but I love my home for the inhospitable yet unrivaled beauty each and every nook and cranny has to offer.

Having said that, it must also be known that I am also an avid fan of the music, art, and attitude of the Hip Hop culture. It isn't something that you experience daily in Wyoming, especially while on long distance drives. However, thanks to my iPod and hours of windshield time, I am fortunate enough to have my own personal concert hall. In my paintings I try to express my Western life in a new and different way by using bright colors, repeated motifs, and elements of Hip Hop, like graffiti.

Evan Levi Pink

Evan Levi TripticEven Levi Dark PurpleEvan Levi antelope fish