Cheyenne has a thriving brewery scene - the kind that just keeps growing and people love. An impressive five breweries in Cheyenne, Wyoming give the medium sized city a vibrant and diverse set of beers to try! In this article we’ll give you a tour of these breweries and show you what’s to be had!


A Tour of Cheyenne's Top Breweries

With five breweries in Cheyenne, WY it’s easy to experience all of them for yourself while choosing the one that fits you the best. But in our eyes, all five are absolute winners. Find your favorite by downloading the Daddy of the Malt Craft Beverage Pass. You'll get discounts on beer and you'll have an opportunity to earn a pint glass by visiting 6 of the 7 locations.

Accomplice Beer Company

Accomplice Beer Company

Address: 115 W 15th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001
Let’s start with the first brewery to include a restaurant in Cheyenne - Accomplice Beer Company. Located in the historic Cheyenne Depot, Accomplice stands out as one of the best Cheyenne breweries for families, offering great food to go along with their choices of beer. A few beers go in and out rotation while others stick around for good.

Signature Seasonal Beers and Family-Friendly Atmosphere

There are several beers that you can usually find at Accomplice - one of them is the award-winning Krimson King, an Ember Lager that blends American and German traditions. This delicious beer holds a Gold Medal from the Great American Beer Festival, is just one reason why Accomplice is a must-visit Cheyenne brewery! Notably, Accomplice also stands out among Cheyenne breweries with seasonal beers, offering a dynamic selection that changes with the seasons. From amazing burgers and pizza to delicious chicken tenders, there is something for everyone here.

Black Tooth Brewery

A pint of hazy beer with the Black Tooth Brewing Company logo prominently displayed, resting on a polished wooden bar with the brewery's interior in the background.

Address: 520 West 19th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82001
Even if you’re not from Wyoming, there is a chance you’ve seen Black Tooth’s product out there. Wyoming’s largest brewery started in Sheridan but now has a brewery in Cheyenne as well. In the Cheyenne location you can still enjoy the Black Tooth originals while getting to choose from a unique, rotating set of exclusive beers brewed in Cheyenne!

Award-Winning Beers

If you go to just about any restaurant with beer on tap, you’d be hard pressed not to find Black Tooth’s Saddle Bronc there. This english brown is a signature at Black Tooth and one of the most popular beers to ever come out of Wyoming in general. It is also the recipient of multiple national and international awards, including Gold from the Australian International Beer Awards and North American Beer Awards. Of course this isn’t unique for Black Tooth. All five of their staple brews have each won multiple awards!


Blue Raven Brewery

Artisanal beer tap handles in focus with the Blue Raven Brewery logo blurred in the background, inside the brewery's inviting premises.

Address: 209 E 18th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

Blue Raven has it all. Great beer, friendly atmosphere, live music, and even a historic venue! Located in the historic Corson House, a Queen Anne cottage on 18th and Warren, this spot is the result of passion for brewing meeting a love of the location. Originally Danielmarks Brewing, when it was sold several patrons took it upon themselves to buy the house and keep the brewing heritage going.

Clever Names, Dynamic Brewing and Pet Friendly Atmosphere

With names like Iron Badger, Golden Eagle and Unladen Swallow (a Monty Python reference for their coconut porter), Blue Raven’s names for beer run from just making plain sense to making you chuckle with the inside joke. Top it off with original ideas for ingredients, and a proudly pet-friendly atmosphere, you get a great spot to enjoy a cold one. Blue Raven is also home to the arguably the best patio of all the breweries. The patio is large and sheltered from the wind, and is even heated during the winter months.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab some tacos from La Paz Best Burritos across the street and bring it with you to Blue Raven to complete what some call the “Corson Combo.”


Freedom's Edge Brewing Company

A lineup of four beer glasses showcasing a variety of brews from Freedom's Edge Brewing Company, backlit by a window.

Address: 1509 Pioneer Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001

Freedom’s Edge had its beginnings in 2012, and is the oldest operating brewery in town. Freedom’s Edge is the smallest of the five breweries in terms of seating space, but that leaves more room for plenty of heart and know-how. With an ever rotating selection of original beers there is always something new to try at the Edge. 

 A Popular Spot for Families and Beer Aficionados

Like Blue Raven, Freedom’s Edge prides itself on being family and dog friendly. This is a spot for beer lovers and aficionados alike - with some of the most experience around when it comes to brewing you can count on some great brews! For a signature, try the High Noon Chili Ale: plenty of flavor and just enough bite to be noticed but still refreshing.


Westby Edge Brewing Company

A pint of beer with the Westby Edge Brewing Company logo, placed on a rustic wooden table with swinging benches in the background, inviting a cozy atmosphere.

Address: 714 W 20th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

Westby Edge is the newest brewery in Cheyenne. This huge venue is built inside a renovated, historic warehouse in Cheyenne’s West Edge at 20th and Bent - where the headquarters for another Cheyenne original, Taco John’s, was once located. The easy to access location, open, inviting atmosphere and a beautiful look dominated by wooden tables and swing seats makes Westby a great addition to Cheyenne’s brewery scene.

The Newcomer Making Waves with Unique Offerings

Westby Edge offers 21 different beers on tap - including a selection of their own originals. The combination of familiar domestics, in-house brews and even on-tap wine make for a unique beverage visit. Westby also features a full bar for anyone in the party who may not be feeling a beer. The addition of a simple menu and even a strip of football turf from the University of Wyoming (complete with yard games) outside makes Westby a unique and welcome newcomer.


What Sets Cheyenne's Breweries Apart

Regardless of which brewery you choose or have chosen as your favorite, you’re going to get a winner. Cheyenne’s breweries set themselves apart in the same way the Capital City has always done it - with an independent spirit of innovation, and that cowboy will to do things the right way and excel at it. If you're looking for breweries near Cheyenne, come on in and give our breweries a try - the only regret you’ll have is if you miss out! Cheers!