Piggy-backing on craft breweries and the interest that industry created, craft distillers are making strides toward satisfying a new crowd.  The explosion in craft distilleries is showing no signs of slowing down, and here in Laramie County, it’s no different.

Two such places have popped up in Laramie County, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Both locations have great stories and interesting locations, making the experience even more enticing. 

Located in downtown Cheyenne in the historic Asher Building, Chronicles Distilling is a veteran owned family distillery offering spirits distilled from locally sourced grains.  The distillery is the brainchild of Aaron and Chase Lesher, two former United States Marines who developed a love for whiskey while helping a friend start a distilling company in Nebraska.

The process has been a labor of love for the Iraq War veteran and his brother. First, they met with the City of Cheyenne to secure a location and lease. Then, they filed for and received a Distilled Spirits Plant Permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Then, they obtained a liquor license from the State of Wyoming.  They are set to open soon, so keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Pine Bluffs Distilling sits all alone in the Wyoming prairie. From their website, “Pine Bluffs Distilling was born in a garage. Home-brewer Chad Brown was talking malt with his cousin Gene Purdy, a farmer. Wyoming had a burgeoning craft beer and spirits scene, but the cost of shipping malt was high. They asked, what if Wyoming spirits could be made with grain straight from local farms?

Together and with their Aunt, Kathy Brown, they answered that question by founding the Wyoming Malting Company and Pine Bluffs Distilling. The mission: distill and distribute premium local spirits so everyone—in Wyoming and beyond—can taste the farm-to-distillery difference.” They invited a partner trained in distilling at Moonshine University in Kentucky, Erica Unruh, to ensure their spirits do justice to their high-quality ingredients.  They recently released their Rock Ranch Vodka, and their tasting room is available during limited hours, and for rentals.

Check out both of these places soon, and help keep the “spirits” of the West alive!