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It’s no secret that downtown Cheyenne is a hub of excitement. With a high concentration of shops, restaurants, and attractions, it’s a great way to spend a day. 

However, it can be easy to forget about all of the wonderful things the rest of Cheyenne has to offer! Here is a list of just a few fun restaurants, stores, and things to do around Cheyenne that are outside of the downtown area!

Discovering Fun Stuff to Do Outside Cheyenne’s Downtown

While there is a lot of fun stuff to do in downtown Cheyenne, this guide will take you on a journey to discover the hidden gems just a short distance away, perfect for any memorable Wyoming day trip around Cheyenne.

Cheyenne is an amazing town to visit but if you want a secret to getting the full Cheyenne experience, you need to head away from historic Downtown and see the rest of our city! This list will give you some great ideas of where to explore outside of Downtown.

Historical & Cultural Stuff to Do around Cheyenne

One great way to visit Cheyenne is the classic day trip. Cheyenne sits on two major highways - I25 and I80 - making it very easy to get to. Let’s start in town, first, and take a look at some of the culturally significant spots to hit up.


1. Messenger’s Old West Museum

Messenger Museum

Messenger’s Old West Museum is worth the visit , a cornerstone in any Cheyenne day trip itinerary. When you walk through the doors, you’ll step back in time. Explore the old west with displays of carriages, saddles, quilts, cars, sleighs, guns, and wildlife mounts. You'll also learn about the history of Cheyenne and the surrounding area! This museum has grown in the past few years and is a must-see for history lovers!


2. Brown & Gold Store

Brown & Gold Store

If some of the stuff to do in Cheyenne you’re hoping for involves shopping, make sure to get your University of Wyoming swag! The Brown & Gold store has been a staple in Cheyenne since it opened. If you're in search of University of Wyoming apparel or Wyoming-themed merchandise, this is your one-stop shop. In 2003, Wyoming proposed to make the state colors Brown & Gold in honor of the University of Wyoming Cowboys football uniforms. While, sadly, the motion failed, Brown & Gold are still the unofficial state colors and this store is your ultimate destination for showing Wyoming pride.


3. Durbar Nepalese and Indian Bistro

Durbar Nepalese and Indian Bistro

Durbar is a Nepalese & Indian Bistro located on the east side of Cheyenne. This establishment offers an array of authentic dishes prepared by their in-house chef, blending fresh ground herbs and spices sourced from Nepal and India. With a diverse menu, including numerous vegetarian options, a meal at Durbar is an unforgettable journey through exotic flavors and culinary craftsmanship!


Shopping & Leisure around Cheyenne

Of course, many day trips just aren’t complete without some good shopping and amazing food. As we continue the list, looking at a day trip in and around Cheyenne, let’s peek at some great spots to drop in!


1. Frontier Mall

Frontier Mall

For a comprehensive shopping experience, look no further than the Frontier Mall. You can find unique eateries like Honolulu Poke and Ramen, and Forge Café, as well as shops like Sweetwraps Western Gifts, and All Wild and Western. There are many more retail stores and places to eat, but there are also fun things to do like visit Bumpers Arcade to play some arcade games, or, on the weekend you can check out the impressive Sherman Hill Model Railroad Club display! There is something for everyone at the Frontier Mall!


2. Lions Park

Lions Park

There are several great parks dotted around Cheyenne, perfect for a day trip with the kids. One of the best known and most popular is Lions Park. Complete with multiple playgrounds and walkways, the park’s lake and abundance of trees make for a great spot to relax and play. It’s also one of the favorite spots for the local Audubon Society for birdwatching - so bring your binoculars!


3. Pour Decisions Bar & Grill

Pour Decisions Bar & Grill

Open since 2021, Pour Decisions has been a local favorite from day one. From personal experience, I can truly say I’ve never had a meal there that didn’t leave me satisfied, with every menu item hitting the spot! They have one of the best Prime Rib dinners in town (in my opinion, anyway), but their Pork Ribeye, burgers, salads, and Grilled Teriyaki Salmon are all standouts on the menu! Plus, with all burgers and entrees, you get a free scoop of ice cream, and really, what more could you ask for!


4. L’Osteria Mondello Italian Cucina

L’Osteria Mondello Italian Cucina

There are multiple Italian Restaurants and Pizzerias worth visiting near Cheyenne, but this one came first. For years the restaurant known to locals simply as “Mondello’s” has been a staple pizzeria in Cheyenne. Getting its start in the 1980’s when Italian born Joe Mondello opened shop here, Mondello’s is now a full on restaurant experience. The pizzeria is still there, offering amazing New York and Cicilian style pizzas, sandwiches and more. Today there is also a full on Italian restaurant in the back, offering amazing, homemade dishes. Try Joe’s Favorite pizza in the front of the house, or have some amazing Carbonara in the back!


Fun Stuff to Do & Itineraries around Cheyenne

If you are the type of person who just wants to jump in head first and see what you can see, take a ride around town, and visit the Visit Cheyenne website for ideas. But if you like to have a little more of a plan and want some suggestions, take a look at some of our fantastic Cheyenne day trip itineraries.


Day Trips Bey​​ond Cheyenne’s Downtown​​

As you plan your trip for Cheyenne, keep in mind there are some great spots to visit in and out of the city. If you’re staying in town, try a day trip around the region! Visit Cheyenne has day trip itineraries to give you some great ideas on where you can go. Terry Bison Ranch is always a crowd favorite, even for a day trip with the kids, along with the ever popular Curt Gowdy State Park. Explore the Oregon Trail, or discover a ground to glass experience at Pine Bluffs Distillery. 


Explore More Stuff to Do in Cheyenne

Venturing beyond downtown Cheyenne reveals a world of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a food connoisseur, a history buff, a shopping enthusiast, or simply seeking new experiences, Cheyenne's diverse offerings outside of downtown are worth checking out! Of course, you can always check out more of Cheyenne’s top attractions for ideas.

This is just a very small sampling of all of the places there are to visit in Cheyenne, don't forget to explore our website for more fun things to see and do!