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Now that nearly everyone always has a camera in their pocket, Instagram speaks a visual language to people around the globe. While smaller than Insta-fav cities like Paris, Dubrovnik, or Las Vegas, Cheyenne has its pockets of photographable awesome too. Here’s a quick guide on where to find some of the most Instagramable shots here.

Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

Botanic Mist 

Photo Credit: @sparrowsworthstudios

To be fair, the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens really could be broken down into several “locations.” Home to the Grand Conservatory, the Paul Smith Children’s Village, and the Gardens, there is no shortage of beauty for a shutterbug to capture. An afternoon could easily be spent exploring the grounds – any month of the year – the “crown jewel” of Cheyenne has ever changing images to capture!

Curt Gowdy State Park

SUP Yoga 

Photo Credit: @and.i.write

Nature and adventure lovers ought to hop on Happy Jack Road and drive west to Curt Gowdy for some snaps. Beyond the gorgeous views and wildlife the drive will offer, the park itself has impressive rock formations, three reservoirs, and trails galore (including paths to Hidden Falls). Rent a standup paddle board or kayak onsite for some on-the-water shots too!

Paramount Ballroom


Photo Credit: @sparrowsworthstudios

This downtown gem is THE place to get Insta-worthy cocktails. Inside the Ballroom is modern and clean, with huge prints of old Cheyenne photographs on the walls, repurposed elements from the building’s former life as a theatre, and an art gallery that connects to the Paramount Café coffee shop. But the real “hidden gem” of the Paramount is the outdoor gardens in the back. Patio seating is drenched in shade during the summer months and overlooks several enormous murals in the heart of Cheyenne, begging for influencers to strike a pose.

The Metropolitan

Met Food

Photo Credit: @owtk

Foodie photogs, eat your heart out. The Met, downtown’s newest hotspot is a jaw-dropper. Chef Juan Coronado certainly upped the food game in Cheyenne, so you not only will get a delicious meal, but a feast for the eyes. Presentation is ON POINT at the Met. Beyond the tabletop, however, the art deco/mid mod/industrial mashup of the décor is begging to be photographed. Even the restrooms are IG-ready! Rich textures and colors are inviting to any guest, but I dare any Instagram fanatic to get out of there without taking at least ONE picture.

State Capitol Building

Capitol Beauty

Photo Credit: @sparrowsworth

The $300 million dropped into renovating the State Capitol was not for naught – the finished results are an architect lover’s dream. From stunning details, glasswork, and new sculptures, there is plenty to visually capture. Stop in and grab a brochure for a self-guided tour to give you even more insight as to what you are admiring through your lens!

Terry Bison Ranch

Baby Donkey

Photo Credit: @sparrowsworth

Rustic backdrops, up close and personal animals, and a flair of the West is easy to find at Terry Bison Ranch. Meander the grounds and see what gems you find – sometimes it may be watching the very first steps of 20-minute old donkey foal, other times it is an 800 pound bison curling its tongue out to take food from your hand… Trail rides and ATV tours will get you out into the wide open and show you the Wyoming that is outside city limits, breeze blowing through your hair and the sun shining on your face. And captured images are the closest you have to bringing along your friends for the adventure!

The Railyard


Photo Credit: @sparrowsworth

While access INTO the train yards is very limited for safety reasons, the south edge of downtown offers plenty of views of passing trains. The recently restored Union Pacific Big Boy engine has made several appearances on the Depot Platform 1, along with the unending, never-the-same stream of graffiti art on the hundreds of boxcars that roll through town. Occasionally Union Pacific opens up the Steam Shop and Roundhouse for tours, where you can get a close look at the heritage fleet and meet the engineers and mechanics. The “trainiac’s” IG Stories that day are always flush with great images!


Photographic opportunities are around every corner here. Wherever in Laramie County you decide to fill your feed, don’t forget to tag us @visitcheyenne and #CheyenneWy – See you on Instagram!


Special Thanks to @sparrowsworth, @sparrowsworthstudios, @and.i.write, and @owtk, for the Instagram Images!