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Andi Jaspersen

An artist, a mom, and a force for good, Andi rocks the Cheyenne scene. Passionate about highlighting what the community has to offer, she also authored 100 Things to Do in Cheyenne Before You Die by Reedy Press.

Put it on Repeat: Regularly Occurring Events in Cheyenne

Maybe you're just in town for a few days and want to check out the local scene - or maybe you ARE the local scene. Either way, knowing what is consistently happening around Cheyenne on a weekly or monthly basis is always good knowledge to have, so we've made you a cheat sheet! And don't forget to…

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Power Up! EV Charging Stations are booming in Cheyenne

As the world of transportations continues to evolve, the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations rises. Cheyenne, positioned at the crux of I-25 and I-80 is a logical hub for charging ports. In fact, even most residents are probably unaware that there are over 40 locations to recharge at…

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Unlock the Legendary Cheyenne with Serious Discounts!

< > If you are anything like me, you like to get the most bang for your buck, especially when it comes to traveling! The good folks at Visit Cheyenne have taken out the leg work on your trip to southeast Wyoming. Snatch up your $25 Legendary Pass here and get ready to hit the highlights of Cheyenne in…

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Boring? Hardly... a Staycation Guide to Cheyenne

< > It recently came to my attention that Cheyenne was recently ranked among the “worst cities for a staycation.” Now, my complete bias towards Cheyenne aside, the dataset from WalletHub’s study that pitted us against (winners) Honolulu, Orlando, and San Francisco seemed slightly unfair. In a pool of…

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How to Fill the Brew Fest-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

< > I know more than a few people still lamenting the loss of all the brew festivals that got cancelled this summer. There’s no shortage of places to get your craft beer fix, but there’s truly something special about a brewer’s fest. Which got us thinking… What if we could have a socially distanced…

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