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Cowboy Up-The Great Mask Debate  

Howdy Partner! As a reminder, Visit Cheyenne does not set policy for Laramie County, nor are we the decision makers when it comes to cancelling or putting on events.  Our core mission is to promote, market, help develop, enhance and protect the tourism assets in our community. That being said, the below statement is intended to help our visitors and our citizens understand that regardless of politics, beliefs, values, science, etc., the Wyoming State Health and Laramie County Health requirements and best practices that are currently in place should be adhered to if for nothing else to keep events from being cancelled. 

-- Domenic Bravo, Visit Cheyenne, CEO

Wyoming has been social distancing since the beginning of time, but additional precautionary measures against spreading coronavirus doesn’t exclude us from the “cowboy tough” mentality!

Social distancing, hand sanitizer, and masks are all the rage, but varying rules from community to community can make traveling confusing as folks road trip this summer.

The old adage “fences make good neighbors” certainly extends to the use of masks. Keeping your spittle wrangled lets Cheyenne keep its attractions open. The good folks at Laramie County Health ask our visitors and locals alike to don a mask while exploring Cheyenne. While the sheriff and his posse won’t be throwing you in the “crowbar hotel” for not wearing a mask, abiding by this simple request allows local organizations to continue hosting events and minimizes cancellations. More masks means more summertime fun!

A world of opportunity to accessorize and express your inner cowboy or cowgirl as you swagger through town opened up and the handmade market pivoted quickly to meet a this new demand. There are literally thousands of mask options available. A quick digital wander through Etsy uncovered some cowhand-inspired looks that would be perfect for your Wild West adventure to Wyoming!


Classic Spin

This bandana mask from HopeAndFlowerCO wouldn’t look out of place 150 years ago. We don’t advocate robbing trains, banks, or wagons, but you’d be prepared… it perfectly accessorizes with those finger guns you’re packin’!

Woman models a red bandana-style medical mask.


Cowhide Chic

SewSassyByT offers these cute cowhide print masks. They would coordinate perfectly with the leather purses the most chic of cowgirls sport.

Medical masks made from fabric dyed to look like cowhide displayed on a wood background


Vintage Take

Model the vintage cowboy vibe with this mask by Facemaskcrew. Wagons, bulls, saloons, and boots dance across this splash of sunshine, sure to make you smile when you think back to your vacation to Cheyenne later!

Yellow medical mask featuring cowboy themed patterns including bulls, boots, saloons, horseshoes and wagons.


Photo-Real Gaiters

Prefer a gaiter-style mask? This mask by TheCoffeeMugg may have your friends asking, “Why the long face?” but will likely elicit more than one grin. Giddy up and click buy!

Man in black hat models a gaiter printed with the snout of a brown horse


Western Spirit

I’d be remiss not to include this young lady’s shop. CowKidsCorral has a wide variety of Western designs and are crafted by this little cowgirl herself. A variety of Native American styles are included in the batch, along side John Wayne, vintage cowboy prints, and lucky horseshoe prints!


Young girl sits next to a sewing machine and displays a mask she made from Native American themed fabric.

CoVid-19 certainly changed the face of travel (if you’ll forgive the pun), but a trip to Cheyenne can still be chockfull of fun! We tip our hats to you (and are smiling under our facemasks) as we wish you happy trails and safe travels, pardners. See you soon!

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