Valentine's Day in Cheyenne is the perfect time of year for finding your ideal romantic date night getaway. Whether you're looking for fun date ideas near Cheyenne or planning a romantic weekend getaway, the city offers countless romantic activities perfect for Valentine's Day.

Fun Romantic Things to Do in Cheyenne on Valentine's Day

A romantic getaway in Cheyenne, Wyoming may or may not be the first thing you thought of for your Valentine's Day plans, but there’s good reason Wyoming’s capital should be on your list. Wonderful food, an open and accessible Downtown, magical sunsets and plenty of opportunity for a romantic stroll are just some of the things you can expect from a Valentine’s in Cheyenne.

Finest Romantic Date Night Restaurants Near Cheyenne

No matter what your notion of romance is - be it quiet and intimate or fun and boisterous - exploring the many date night restaurants near Cheyenne is sure to uncover an option that offers just what you need for a memorable Valentine's Day dinner.

Little Bear Inn

The Little Bear Inn, a romantic restaurant in Cheyenne, perfect for a unique date night experience.

A steakhouse just north of Cheyenne in Little Bear Road, the Little Bear Inn is a fun spot with great steak and a lot of history. Local legend has it the Little Bear was once a saloon that catered to some of the more unsavory characters of the Wild West. Supposedly there is a trapdoor in the place that allowed outlaws to escape the law when they came looking. History aside, this is a great spot to have a glass of wine and enjoy some of the best steak in the area. 

Napoli's Italian Restaurant

An array of fine red and white wine bottles on a wooden rack, from Napoli's a romantic restaurant in Cheyenne.

Located in Downtown Cheyenne, Napoli’s is one of the prime Italian food spots in town. With a welcome, classy atmosphere this is a wonderful spot for a romantic dinner in Cheyenne’s historic Downtown area. A few delicious house specials include Penne Alla Vodka and Chicken Piccata. Like many of our choices on this list, Napoli’s also offers a full bar.

Wyoming's Rib & Chop House

A delectable grilled salmon entree with a charred lemon on the side. Perfect Valentine's Date date idea near Cheyenne.

At The “Rib and Chop” has become a fine dining staple in Cheyenne, and it can be a perfect date night spot for a romantic dinner. From salmon grilled on a cedar plank to delicious, thick pork chops, you can find meals that are as eye-catching as they are tasty. Top it all off with a full bar, and you have the recipe for an amazing date night. 

Bella Fuoco

Fresh pizzas baking in an open flame brick oven, a fine dining romantic date night restaurant spot near Cheyenne.

Bella Fuoco offers a smaller, more intimate dining space to along with some of the best pizza in Cheyenne. Known for their New York style wood fired pizzas. Bella Fuoco is well loved by visitors and locals alike, sporting not only pizzas but pasta, paninis and even more unique fare like duck wings! 

The Metropolitan Downtown

An elegant plated dish of steak and fresh greens, accompanied by a glass of whiskey, capturing the essence of a fine dining date night restaurant in Cheyenne.

The Metropolitan Downtown is the best fine dining in the Capitol City. It's hard to beat the food and drinks at “The Met”. Located in the heart of Downtown Cheyenne, The Met is known for unique food, good drinks from the full bar and a classy dining experience. Their crispy brussels sprouts are a delicious starter. Try some Met exclusives as well, like the Italian Bison Sausage Pasta and the Grilled Swordfish.


L’Osteria Mondello

At pristine table setting at L’Osteria Mondello, which is the best romantic restaurant experience near Cheyenne.

For the latest addition to our great date night spots we leave Downtown and head to the North side of Cheyenne, on Stillwater Avenue. Known to many as a by-the-slice pizza parlor (with excellent pizza, by the way), Mondello’s has re-opened their backroom, offering authentic Italian cuisine in a cozy, sit-down experience. The house wines go great with their dishes like the delicious Carbonara. Chef Cesar Mondello is constantly creating, so keep an eye on their house specials as well!

Cheyenne's Most Romantic Bars for Couples

Cheyenne’s bar scene is active and thriving, with plenty of choices around town. What makes a romantic bar, of course, depends on your preferences. Do you like a quiet spot to have a drink or do you enjoy music and dancing with your cocktails? While Cheyenne has quite the selection, we’ll take a look at a couple here!

The Paramount Ballroom

Waiter serving cocktails on a tray, ideal for romantic weekend drinks in Cheyenne for Valentine's Day.

The Paramount Ballroom on Capitol Avenue is one of Cheyenne's quintessential craft cocktail bars. Serving some of the best original drinks in town, the Ballroom is a good spot for a classy date in a modern vintage styling and a quieter atmosphere.

Blue Raven Brewery

At Blue Raven Brewery, enjoy craft beer taps at a local brewery, a great date idea near Cheyenne for Valentine's Day.

Where Paramount Ballroom is quiet, Blue Raven can be loud and boisterous in the best ways. This brewery located in the historic Corson House offers a variety of house brewed beers, a friendly atmosphere and live music on Fridays. If you’re feeling daring, maybe step up with your date for a song or two on Open Mic Night on Wednesdays.

The Outlaw Saloon

Couples dancing at The Outlaw Saloon, perfect for Valentine's Day in Cheyenne.

Staying with live music and going into the realm of cutting a rug, the Outlaw Saloon is the largest honky tonk in Cheyenne. This is the place for cocktails and dancing for a fun and active date night!

Cheyenne's Date Night Activities with a Twist

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day is night time activities don’t have to be late - the sun goes down early in the winter still, so you can make the most of your starry night!


Cheyenne Ice and Events Center

Cheyenne Ice and Events Center, neon paint splatter room with stools, a visually striking date idea near Cheyenne.

Cheyenne Ice and Events Center is one of the best places to go for all kinds of fun. Ice skating is always fun, as is mini golf. Laser tag is also a fun option with plenty of activity. 

Curt Gowdy State Park Stargazing

Tranquil waterfall in Curt Gowdy State Park, also an ideal stargazing romantic weekend in Cheyenne.

On a clear night you might be surprised just how many stars can be seen when you leave the lights of the city behind. Head to Curt Gowdy State Park west of town and enjoy the scenery during the day, catch a sunset and gaze at the stars above. 

Olympus Games

At Olympus Games, is the a fun Valentine's Day date night activity in Cheyenne.

The couple that slays monsters together stays together! Olympus Games can be a unique date night option for folks who love tabletop roleplay. Every Wednesday you can catch Dungeons and Dragons. Of course if regular games are your jam, Olympus hosts board game night every Tuesday!

307 Hatchet House

A hatchet throwing target, an adventurous date idea near Cheyenne for Valentine's Day

Nothing says romance like chuckling large, heavy, sharp objects at a target. 307 Hatchet House gives you the chance to throw axes with your significant others. They also have food and drinks to keep you fueled as you take the ax to your night!

Ace’s Range

Couples at racing simulators, a competitive Valentine's Day activity in Cheyenne.

Ace’s Range is one of the newest activity spots in Downtown. A simulation bar, you can race one another in a racing simulator, take on various games in the shooting range, or hit the links or driving range in one of their many golf simulators. With appetizers and a full bar, take a break and enjoy nachos and a cocktail before heading back into the action.


Cheyenne's Coziest Hotels for a Romantic Getaway Staycation

If a romantic weekend in Cheyenne is what you’re looking for, a staycation might just be what you need. In the Capitol City you’ll be able to find just about everything, from a boutique hotel to a romantic stay in bed and breakfast luxury.

Nagle Warren Mansion

Historic Nagle Warren Mansion covered in snow, a charming hotel for a romantic weekend in Cheyenne.

Speaking of Luxury, let’s start there! The Nagle Warren Mansion offers luxurious rooms and gourmet breakfast and much more all within the walls of a beautiful historic home. Built in the 1880’s, this is one of the most popular landmarks in Cheyenne, and for a good reason. No children are allowed to stay at the mansion, so expect a quiet, romantic stay. 

Little America Hotel

Aerial view of Little America Hotel, surrounded by greenery, perfect for a Valentine's getaway in Cheyenne.

Cheyenne’s boutique hotel is one of only a few in the entire country. Little America offers a comfortable stay, excellent food and a beautiful property complete with a golf course and even a disc golf course. The restaurant, Hathaway’s, is top notch and is sure to impress.

Historic Plains Hotel

Elegant lobby of the Historic Plains Hotel with patriotic bunting, ideal for a romantic stay in Cheyenne.

One of Cheyenne’s most famous hotels is also its most historic. Built in 1911, the Plains has hosted presidents and celebrities in its time. If historic, unique hotels are your idea of a great place for a romantic staycation, the Plains is the place to be. To top it all off, the hotel is in the heart of Downtown, putting food, shopping and activities at your fingertips.

Cheyenne’s Amazing AirBNB & VRBO Scene

In addition to the hotels in Cheyenne, an AirBNB or VRBO rental may be just right for your needs. Several beautiful apartments in Cheyenne’s historic Downtown area are perfect for couples to get away, and often at a great price to boot. While there are rentals all over town, and even out in the countryside, the rentals in Downtown Cheyenne put you in the middle of everything while giving you a peaceful spot to rest and snuggle up.

Your Valentine's Day Date Night Love Story Awaits

It doesn’t matter if your idea of romance is quiet and intimate, loud and active, outside and adventurous or somewhere in between, Cheyenne has something to offer every couple. This Valentine’s Day, give the Capitol City a try and romance the West!