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Summer fun like Frontier Days and Hell of Wheels Rodeo might be done and over with, but the fun isn't even close to done! 

One of the best ways to enjoy Cheyenne is the live music, and, as the weekend approaches, many wonder about the best places to go. They might think “Summer is coming to an end, the weather is getting cooler, and the business of the summer nightlife is slowing down. Welp, guess it’s time to pack up and go home. See you at Thanksgiving!”

Really? Come on, you know us better than that – summer might be ending but the fun in Cheyenne isn’t even close to a conclusion. Fall does mean cooler weather, it means seeing the fall colors at Curt Gowdy, Pole Mountain and the Snowy Range. It means trout fishing is going to be picking up, and hunting season is here. 

But wait, we have fun in town too. Sure, everything pumpkin spice is going to be so in your face you won’t be able to smell cinnamon quite right until February – but I’m talking the nightlife, live music sort of fun!


Dive Into Cheyenne’s Live Music Scene Year-Round

Let’s look at some of the top places with live music and entertainment events still to come this year.

Keep in mind these are just a few of the opportunities to find live music in Cheyenne so make sure to swing check out the Cheyenne events calendar and keep tabs to see where you can go for a fun, live experience in town!

1. The Outlaw Saloon

Address: 312 S Greeley Hwy
Cheyenne, WY 82007


You would be hard-pressed to beat The Outlaw Saloon when it comes to a venue that can do it all, especially for Cheyenne live music this weekend. The Outlaw is often the place to be on the weekends, offering everything from live country and rock music to MMA fights.

This local honky-tonk hotspot is a great place for live music, especially to get your line dance on or to find the next country music concert. The Outlaw is known for its variety, it’s fun honky-tonk atmosphere, and a consistent lineup of live music.

2. The Cheyenne Civic Center

A live musical theater performance with actors singing on stage at The Cheyenne Civic Center.

Address: 510 W. 20th St.
Cheyenne, WY 82001


From classic rock bands to the latest Broadway shows, the Cheyenne Civic Center is the place to be for some of the biggest shows in Wyoming.

From timeless classics like Riverdance to music legends to the brilliant sounds of the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra, the Civic Center has some of the most varied and biggest events in entertainment in Cheyenne. For a full schedule and to stay updated on upcoming events in Cheyenne, Wyoming, be sure to check them out on the Visit Cheyenne website.

3. The Lincoln Theater

Audience enjoying a live music performance under vibrant stage lights at The Lincoln Theater in Cheyenne.

Address: 1615 Central Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82001


Another historical building in Cheyenne, the Lincoln, was once a movie theater, then a dollar theater before shutting down for a time. Now it is the place to be for live music in Cheyenne. What sets Lincoln apart is the venue. A smaller, more intimate setting, complete with seats, standing room, and a bar along with an excellent stage and acoustics make the Lincoln a great spot to catch live music. From hip hop to cover bands to local jam nights, the Lincoln hosts it all.

4. The Bunkhouse

People dancing to a live country band at The Bunkhouse, a popular live music venue in Cheyenne.

Address: 1064 Happy Jack Rd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009


Every Friday and Saturday, one of the favorite spots to eat, drink and be merry in Cheyenne comes even more alive than usual. In the evenings, catch live country music bands and scoot your boots on the dance floor. It's here where you'll find some of the most authentic concerts in Cheyenne, WY. In addition to consistent, fun live music, you can count on delicious food and a friendly atmosphere. Whether you're a local cowboy or just passing through, the Bunkhouse is one of the best spots for an injection of pure, wholesome Cheyenne Cowboy Culture.


5. Blue Raven Brewery

Exterior view of Blue Raven Brewery with its distinctive sign and charming Victorian architecture in Cheyenne.

Address: 209 E. 18th St.
Cheyenne, WY 82001


Blue Raven is the place to be when it comes to local, live music. On top of having great, local beer in the comforts of a beautiful historic Cheyenne cottage, this spot always has something going on. Every Friday night you can count on live music at the Blue Raven, making it a staple in the Cheyenne concert scene. Additionally, they host an open mic night on Wednesdays.

6. The Atlas Theater

Haunted Atlas Theatre in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Address: 211 W. Lincolnway
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Next up is The Historic Atlas Theater, the stomping grounds of Cheyenne’s own Little Theater troupe. Always down to present a musical or a comedy, the Little Theater Players always have something fun in the works. Be sure to check the Little Theater website to check on their latest shows.


7. Ernie November

A woman with vibrant purple hair browsing through vinyl records at Ernie November in Cheyenne.

Address: 217 W Lincolnway
Cheyenne, WY 82001


This is one for you metalheads out there! Ernie November, a music store by day and metal concert haven hole in the wall by night, is one of the more unique perhaps niche venues in Cheyenne. You can keep track of their upcoming concerts in Cheyenne, WY at the Visit Cheyenne webpage and at the Ernie November Facebook page.


For schedules and other information on live music in Cheyenne, Wyoming, make sure you’re keeping tabs on the Visit Cheyenne events calendar. These are just seven of the places to find live music in Cheyenne, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you’re guaranteed to find more. One thing is for certain, the live fun doesn’t end with the summer – it just keeps getting cooler.