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As a woman in my mid-thirties, I felt like a bit of an anomaly – I was a tattoo virgin. Nearly every friend in my different circles has some sort of tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Some of the artwork carries deep meaning and sentiment, others spontaneous. I mean, seriously, I have a friend with a cartoon hotdog on his calf. And somehow I am not only the youngest in my office, but also the last to get inked. What!?

It was never a fear of needles that stopped me (I have had several body piercings over the years), but the absolute permanence that comes with a tattoo had scared me off from the commitment of marking up my skin. That is, until I went on a girls’ trip this winter.

The excitement that came with adventuring with friends helped dull the uncertainty – and helped me narrow in on what I wanted to inscribe on my body for the rest of my years. The tattoo not only carries significant symbolism for me, but also was my favorite souvenir I brought home. I would absolutely consider beginning a travel tattoo collection going forward.

If you are looking to commemorate your trip to Cheyenne with a tattoo or piercing, here are the local shops available to research and find the perfect artist for YOUR skin collection! (And keep an eye out for the 4-ever West Tattoo Fest schedule next year!)


Twizted Needle Tattoo

Tattoos, Piercings

3151 Nationway, (307) 287-0198


The T.R.I.B.E. Zoo

Tattoos, Piercings, Dermal Implants

110 E. Lincolnway, (307) 426-4008


Lyons Den Ink


722 E. Lincolnway, (307) 514-5966


Bad Ass Tattoo Company


1801 Warren Ave., (307) 631-0764


I.D. Underground

Tattoos, Piercings

1616 E. 19th St., (307) 514-9288


Painted Moth Tattoo

Tattoos, Permanent Makeup, Hair Styling

2820 Warren Ave., (307) 514-5099 


Defiant Buddha Bodyworks

Tattoos, Piercings, Massage

913 Campbell Ave., (307) 514-0449


Crimson Sky Tattoo


619 W. 20th St., (307) 632-6869


Rotten Apple Ink

Tattoos, Piercings

218 W. 17th St., (970) 682-8239


Electric Sabbath Tattooing


1609 Carey Ave., (970) 573-1589