Steve Knox

“Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it.”  Robert Motherwell

Home is important! My home is Wyoming! Wyoming is where I live, explore, love, and draw.It is the place of inspiration for almost all of my art. 

I have been an outdoorsman as long as I can remember. My earliest memories are those with my father, fishing, shooting, and hunting. I was taught at a young age to respect the outdoors and how to live off the land Wyoming can provide. I live each day feeling grateful that I live in a place so inspirational!

I create my art based on experiences in life. My work reflects my time outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and site seeing. I use those images collected in the Wyoming outdoors to piece visions together in my work. Some of my work is very detailed and organized while some is loose and free. Both of these styles are important to my work based on how I see and feel the outdoors. In certain situations I find myself hyper-focused on the small details in nature, like the pattern of the tree bark in an aspen grove, other times it is about the feeling and emotion nature can leave us with. 

I attended the University of Wyoming and received a Bachelor Degree in Art Education. I have been teaching art for 14 years and find it very rewarding. I am lucky in that I can teach art to those kiddos and continue to learn and create each day. 

Steve is a husband and father of three boy (all named after favorite places in Wyoming). Family is paramount in his life which is reflected in his work and lifestyle. At home you can catch him painting in his kitchen, just to be with the family or on the art fair tour, you will generally meet the whole gang.

Artist Steve Knox standing beside his painting of a cow.

Art: Antelope mount painted with a train on the side.

Painting of a bear using reds and oranges with green foreground.

Artistic painting of bison on the prairie using blues and yellows.