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Author: Feisty Pants

Feisty Pants is a local blog that once in a while we borrow content from. Check out all of her adventures.

My name is Daniela, but you can call me Dani to avoid spelling my name wrong or calling me Danielle (plus being called Dani gives me all the warm fuzzies). 

There are few things better than the first sip of coffee in the morning.
Taylor Swift, Princess Anna, and Jessica Day are my spirit animals.
If I were a pastry, I would be a croissant.
My biggest pet peeves are when people do not take accountability for their lives and actions, when people make noise at the movie theater, and dried up Sharpies. 
I grew up dancing ballet and still have to fight the urge to not grand jete when going down empty aisles at the grocery store.
Nothing turns me into a mama bear faster than someone dissing my dogs or being cruel to animals. 
I am three-quarters vegetarian.
I have a soft spot in my heart for potbelly pigs and baby goats
I have to have a clean house before I go to bed (#OCDMoments). 
I have an irrational fear of being touched by a fish and will not go in open water.
People that don’t like Disney or chocolate or Harry Potter are fundamentally strange.
I do painfully awkward things on a regular basis. 
I am happiest when I am doing something creative.
I have an extra bone in my spine, so yoga keeps me from walking like Quasimodo.
I own more ballet flats and lipstick than any human could possibly ever need.
I am, pretty much, constantly eating.
Champagne is always appropriate.
I am one of the few humans that lives in the state of Wyoming.

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