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The Donut Shop at Central | Dad’s Donuts | Delectable Donuts

The word “donut” may conjure many images (local law enforcement on a stakeout, Homer Simpson drooling, or tiny powdered sugar-dusted faces, for example)… but in Cheyenne, Wyoming, I picture the local eateries that specialize in the sweet treats. Looking for a bear claw, a long john, a cruller, or just a classic glazed, here are your best bets on finding them!


The Donut Shop at Central – 416 E. 17th St., Cheyenne

Hands-down, this shop gets the “most recognizable” award. The bright pink building with larger-than-life donuts painted on the side makes sure that anyone driving by has no doubt what the shop sells. Located just on the other side of the viaduct from downtown, The Donut Shop on Central opens its doors at 5 a.m. and has a loyal following. Especially popular are the giant apple fritters, contested as the best in town.

“I love this little donut shop! Vanny (proprietor) is awesome! All of her products are delicious but the apple fritters are to die for and they are HUGE! Always take the time to travel to her shop over places that are closer. Totally worth the time and the drive! - Shauna H., customer


Dad’s Donuts –715 S. Greeley Highway, Cheyenne

Dad's Donuts North -- 501 E Pershing Blvd, Cheyenne

Dad’s Donuts is quickly becoming a new hangout in town. The baking team clearly has fun as they tout the widest selection of donuts in town: cereal-flavored, Sesame Street-themed, all the classics, and more. They have no shortage of ideas and something is sure to strike the fancy of every member of your party. All donuts are made completely from scratch (no pre-mixed powder a’round here) and they boast a collection of board games and space to play, while you sip fresh The Boys Brew Coffee, reportedly the highest octane coffee in Cheyenne!

“Stopped by to check out this new donut shop... OMG! The freshest donuts with great flavor! This is the only place we'll be treating ourselves, when we need a donut fix!! 
SO YUMMY!!” – Darla H.


Delectable Donuts – 2543 E. Lincolnway, Cheyenne

At home in a longtime donut shop, Delectable Donuts is your best bet for a donut fix on the east side of town. Open bright and early for the donut-craving crowd, old favorites are readily available individually or by the dozen to share (or not… we don’t judge). The unique feature of this shop is that it is also home to Hi Sushi in the evenings, so you can satisfy ALL your cravings in a 24-hour period. They were just “on a roll” when they bundled donuts and sushi, amirite?

“These doughnuts are amazing - never been disappointed. Always dealt with kind and courteous staff. Most doughnut places close early but these guys really span the day- great for evening doughnut runs and they still taste fresh and wonderful. Won't go anywhere else for my doughnuts.” – Kristin B.

In this series, we’re highlighting some of the restaurants around the county that may be a bit off the beaten path, but are well-worth the stop. Check out the rest of the Off the Eatin' Path for more foodie delights!