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Mort’s Bagels | Bread Basket Bakery

Way too often I find myself scratching my head when I agree to meet a friend for lunch, but am then faced with the dreaded question, “Where should we go?” It isn’t that Cheyenne has a shortage of restaurants, but rather, I tend to think of the same four or five establishments. And so, the concept of Off the Eatin’ Path was hatched. Categorized and curated for the hungry tummy, I’ll be focusing on locally owned establishments in Cheyenne and Laramie County that may have drifted away from your immediate list of ideas.

Need a quick bite that isn’t fast food? We have several options that would make a great breakfast on the go or lunch on a time crunch.


Mort’s Bagels – 1815 Carey Ave., Cheyenne

Established in 1993, Mort’s has been mixing it up on the bagel scene. They pride themselves on unique combinations of flavors and make their bagels from scratch. Promising old favorites like Plain, Cinnamon-Raisin, Blueberry, and Italiano (aka Everything), you also can put in special orders for your events with 48-hour notice to include flavors such as Cracked Pepper Parmesan, Lemon-Orange-Cranberry, Cheddar Dill, and Pumpkin. Prepared for the breakfast and lunch crowds, they sport a full menu with breakfast items, sandwiches and salads.

“Hands down best in town or anywhere I've found in 12 years. Plain cream cheese is best I've ever tasted and great assortment of specialty bagels, try the Italiano! Everyone is all smiles and great to deal with.” – Janet D.


Bread Basket – 1819 Maxwell Ave., Cheyenne

The smell of fresh bread baking would be incentive enough to move into the Rainsford District of Cheyenne where the Bread Basket Bakery calls home. The yeast begins rising with the sun as they fire up their ovens every morning. Fresh, all-natural ingredients go into their products,

For lunch, sandwiches on fresh bread pairs well with the homemade soups and salads on their menu, in addition to the pastries, pies, and rolls they peddle.

 “Carb heaven! Stopped in for lunch... The shop smelled heavenly. My sandwich was simple and perfect. Took home several treats for breakfast and found each one to be delicious.” – Karen S.

In this series, we’re highlighting some of the restaurants around the county that may be a bit off the beaten path, but are well-worth the stop. Check out the rest of the Off the Eatin' Path for more foodie delights!