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Well, here we are, in the middle of “Spring Break” in Cheyenne. Not that that means anything this year, as kids have been home for two weeks already, avoiding CoVid-19. With more structured remote-learning looming just around the corner, many parents are feeling the pressure knob cranking up, slowly creeping to eleven.

If you, like me, are tempted to just drown yourself in tears and wine, hold off for a moment. (Ok, you may pour yourself a glass of wine to enjoy as you read.) Whether you are searching for burn-off-the-energy activities or educational supplements, we’ve rounded up several regional resources for you.

Gym Class:

Scheduled to be the newest addition to the Downtown scene, Ninja Playground Athletics (NPA) is using their social channels to get the word out about the fantastic new facility at the corner of Pioneer and 15th. Lucky for us, this could double for P.E. class too! Scope out their Facebook and Instagram for fitness fun for the whole family.

Art Class:

Some parents are phenomenal artists… and some are not. Have no fear, Prairie Wind Elementary art teacher Joshua Brady has several art classes on YouTube and can be the local art mentor of the day. Checkout his Youtube Channel (and petition for more of these!! They’re great!)

Home Ec:

While professionally trained in theatre and opera, Sami Jo Staggs is using her shelter-in-place hiatus from Candlelight Dinner Theatre to teach online homesteading classes from her house in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her Facebook Live lessons on Lemmon Stagg Homestead bounce between the kitchen and the garden with cameos from her sons. She offers great advice on baking gluten-free, as well. And, for the parents after school, Sami Jo utilizes her executive sommelier degree to do wine education classes! *cheers!*

Performing Arts:

In the midst of this gig desert, Cheyenne magician Daniel Jaspersen has begun posting simple how-to magic lessons on his website for free! With the occasional help of his sidekicks, Kai and Niko (budding magicians themselves), Daniel nurtures your creative spark and will stock your kids’ brain with the *WOW* skillset to impress their friends when they head back to school …and I promise not to tell if you opt to keep this info for yourself and look like a rockstar to your kids!

Science (and Fitness Fun too!)

In the last few years since its inception, BEAST Foundation (Bringing Enrichments And Sports Together) has risen to an after-school leader in Cheyenne. During CoVid-19, they’ve amped up their game and have been posting a variety of activities and lessons on their Facebook page. Keep an eye on their page for opportunities to break up the monotony and refocus the kids in-between the school lessons.

Hang in there, Cheyenne parents… we can make through this. Now, where was Sami Jo’s wine class again…?