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Cheyenne is a place that can be as unique as it is familiar to many, with a one of a kind history and culture that blends with a welcoming and familiar friendliness. Amongst the unique side of things are places you can stay while visiting the Capitol City - places that can make you feel pampered, living like a cattle baron, or a classic stay in an All-American resort. Let’s take a look at just a few ways you can make your stay in Cheyenne unforgettable.


Most Unique Places to Stay in Cheyenne 

Today we’re looking at the coolest hotels in Wyoming that aren’t quite mainstream. Cheyenne’s hotels are truly excellent, but these are the unique places with more quirk, more history and a little something special you may not find at a larger brand spot. 


1. Historic Plains Hotel: 100-Year-Old Cultural Landmark 

Plains Hotel Lobby

The Plains Hotel has been around since 1911, when it was the first hotel to feature a phone in every room. The charm and character of this old hotel is still intact, from the beautiful lobby to the classic elevator. This is the coolest hotel in Wyoming, the location is hard to beat, in the heart of Downtown Cheyenne, and it’s dog friendly to boot! Of course, there is the legend of the hotel being haunted. The alleged hauntings have resulted in sightings and happenings throughout the last century, but for many, that’s less of a con and more of an advantage of getting a hotel with so much history, prestige and mystique!


2. Nagle-Warren Mansion Bed & Breakfast: 18th-Century Opulence 

Nagle Warren Mansion

Next we take you to one of the gems of Cheyenne - or rather, the Dutchess of Cheyenne. The Nagel-Warren Mansion was built in the 1880’s, and at the time was the most expensive home in the west at $50,000 - that’s more than $1.6 Million today - it stands today as a monument to Cheyenne’s golden age. Today you can stay in one of several rooms in the mansion. They all vary in price, but they all come with the same service and Old West Aristocrat allure. When you walk in be sure to take in the rooms downstairs, along with the beautiful carved ceiling in the entry way - that’s not gold, that’s bison hide! One thing to keep in mind is children under 18 and pets cannot be accommodated. 

3. Governor’s Home: Vintage Luxury & Accommodations

The Governor's Home in Cheyenne, a white two-story house with striped awnings and a manicured front lawn.

The Governor’s Home - not to be confused with the Governor’s Mansion - got it’s start in the 1930’s when it served as the Governor’s Residence during the Great Depression. Today it offers guests a chance to stay in one of Wyoming's most unique places to stay, with a mix of vintage and modern styles.

“It’s a combination of vintage home and modern facilities, with a well stocked kitchen.” That’s according to owner Mark Torriani. Mark says the house is also very popular with state legislators during Wyoming’s Legislative Session in early spring. 

The Governor’s Home doesn’t serve breakfast, but gives occupants the chance to dine at other spots for breakfast like the ever delicious Omelet House. The nearby Epic Egg is also a crowd favorite! 

4. Little America Hotel & Resort: Boutique Family Vacation

Aerial view of Little America Hotel and Resort with green grounds and pool.

Want unique? Go boutique! Okay, I just wanted to say that - but that doesn’t make it any less true. Little America Hotel and Resort offers so much as a boutique accommodation. The hotel not only has top notch rooms and service but also a delicious restaurant, a golf course and disc golf course. Other amenities include laundry, a fitness center, gift shop and even a playground and pool. 

Little America as we know it has its origins in the 1890's after a cowboy had a run-in with a Wyoming blizzard (Long story, you can find it here!). Today, guests can choose between two Little America properties for a memorable stay at one of Wyoming's most unique places to stay. 

5. Unique Vacation Rentals in Cheyenne

When it comes to unique spots to stay in Cheyenne, or any town, for that matter, it can be hard to beat the individual touch of a homeowner you can get with Airbnb  and Vrbo. 

Unique vacation rentals like The Stanley, The Downtown Cheyenne Exclusive, and the Cheyenne - Front and Center rentals all offer not only a unique stay but a convenient one in downtown Cheyenne. 

Reviews from customers of properties like this mention the beauty, the convenient locations and great service from the hosts. Keep in mind these are only a few of the many rentals you can find in the area.

More Charming Places to Stay in Cheyenne

Of course if you’re looking for other places to stay, Cheyenne has a healthy compliment of brand name hotels for those who have a favorite. If you’re still looking for something to scratch that unique itch, however, but the current list hasn’t quite scratched it, maybe try something a little closer to the outdoors!


6. Curt Gowdy State Park: Cheyenne’s Spacious & Beautiful Gem

Scenic view of Curt Gowdy State Park with pine-covered hills and a serene lake.

For locals and visitors alike, Curt Gowdy State Park combines a convenient location with true outdoor adventure. This state park in the Western side of Laramie County offers breathtaking scenery along with great hiking and biking trails with easy-to-access camping. Curt Gowdy’s camping options include multiple area with hookups for campers, and plenty of room for tent campers as well! Granite stone peaks, crystal clear reservoirs, excellent hiking and plenty of wildlife make this one of the best spots for a one of a kind stay.


7. Terry Bison Ranch RV & Camping

Interior of a cozy cabin room at Terry Bison Ranch with twin beds, quilted bedspreads, wooden walls, and rustic decor, including a painting of a bison.

The Terry Bison Ranch is a popular day trip spot for many visitors to Cheyenne, but did you know you can stay there too? Ever a popular RV and camping site, the ranch also offers multiple cabins for a cozy, scenic stay. 

“The cabins are unique due to the rustic atmosphere and amazing setting.” says Jennifer Galloway, Sales Director for the ranch, “Our cabins have an amazing view overlooking the beauty and acreage of the ranch. There is usually an array of wildlife you can gaze at from your deck.”

8. Vedauwoo Recreation Area: Staying in the Land Earthborn Spirits

Starry night sky over Vedauwoo, with a campfire glowing between large rock formations and camping chairs visible, evoking a sense of adventure and tranquility.

Last but certainly not least is Vedauwoo [Vee-daw-voo]. Part of the Medicine Bow National Forest and Pole Mountain Area, Vedauwoo is known for it’s incredible, unique rock formations of solid granite, as well as some great camping! 

If camping is your jam, it’s hard to beat sleeping under the stars in the Land of Earthborn Spirits. Keep an eye out for wildlife out here, from birds to deer to moose!