Taquaria Mexicana Mi Tierra | Loco Grill | Tortilleria La Paz

Focusing on the smaller Mexican establishments this week, we prove the power of the “small but mighty,” each with enthusiastic and faithful followings!


Taquaria Mexicana Mi Tierra – 314 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne

A classic example of why one should not jump to conclusions too quickly. Curb appeal may not be the top priority for this tiny restaurant, but the food definitely is. Taquaria Mexicana Mi Tierra (roughly translated to “My Land’s Mexican Taco Stand”) shares a location with the C-Mart Smoke Shop across from the Air National Guard Base, but has off-the-charts good reviews about the food. Opening their doors at 7 a.m., they begin their day with breakfast burritos and omelets and keep their customers satisfied all day long with smothered burritos, street-style tacos, and chimichangas, and fulfill the churro cravings of the masses.

“What a great little place inside this gas station... very nice people. Food is out of bounds awesome. Also has a nice self-serve cooler with different sauces, fresh cilantro, limes you can use. I have had Barbacoa street tacos, and several other things. I just can't believe how clean and nice the plate presentation is coming out of this gas station Mexican restaurant. Thank you for a good authentic and tasty experience Taqueria.” – Joe O.


Loco Grill– 4014 Central Ave., Cheyenne

Located at the corner of 8th and Central, the Loco Grill is the closest restaurant to both Lions and Frontier Park – one of the busiest gathering places in Cheyenne. Originally based out of a food truck, the owner took to heart the “Tex-Mex” label and chose to serve both classic American burgers and sandwiches and Mexican classic dishes (primarily burritos, tacos, and quesadillas). Midwesterners have also rejoiced at the inclusion of the pork tenderloin sandwich, hard to find this far west of the Mississippi. Other people raved about their weekly menudo on Saturdays. This place may just be the end of disagreements on where to eat, as you get the best of both sides of the border.

“Good food, service, and clean restaurant. They know how to fry up their chimichangas and taco shells, light and crispy.” – Eli D.


Tortilleria La Paz (Best Tacos y Burritos La Paz) – 200 E 18th St., Cheyenne

A family-run taqueria and sundry store that offers fresh-made, authentic tacos, burritos, and on the weekends....tamales and menudo! This glimpse of real Mexico in the heart of Cheyenne is conveniently located across the street from Danielmark’s Brewery. The ever-portable taco is a go-to for the La Paz fan who also enjoys beer. Also a favorite stop during Restaurant Week, La Paz runs a $1 taco special, proving to be the most affordable Restaurant Week deal in the line-up. A solid way to build a fan base, the family-owned operation holds the hearts of many locals.

“Without a doubt Cheyenne, WY has a hidden Street Taco scene (or at least how I categorize them) and anyone coming from Southern California would definitely be able to relate immediately. There are a couple of places in town that you can get them as a matter of fact. One of the best options is La Paz, and I honestly would stack them up with some of the best tacos I have eaten across the country and into Mexico. Top notch all around. La Paz is a hidden gem in and of itself, and if you're in the mood for grabbing tacos and a need a cold beer, you can walk across the street to DanielMarks. Starmaker pairs well with their asada tacos! This place is the bomb! Namaste." – Derrek J.

In this series, we’re highlighting some of the restaurants around the county that may be a bit off the beaten path, but are well-worth the stop.