Selfies are a common part of our world these days - we see them all over social media, we get them from friends, we send our own, and modern phones are even designed specifically for the selfie. Selfies can be taken anywhere, especially when you have a dynamic or iconic background to take them with. Cheyenne offers some of the best selfie spots, each unique and memorable, where you’ll remember them for years to come, and smile anytime you see it in your memories. 

1. Big Boot | Cheyenne Depot Plaza

Selfie at the Cowboy Boot sculpture at The Wrangler, a best place to take a selfie in Cheyenne.

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Perhaps one of the first things you’ll notice in your visit to Cheyenne are the giant boots spread all around town. They sit in front of doctors clinics, in the airport terminal, on city street corners and many other places - each one with its own unique look and meaning. 

The boots in the Cheyenne Depot, however, offer a special opportunity for those looking for places to take pictures near Cheyenne. Take a selfie with one of these giant pieces of western art, and get the beautiful historic Depot building in there as well! The big boots across Cheyenne have become one of the most iconic fixtures of art in the city.

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2. Big Mural | Paramount Cafe

At the Paramount Cafe, there is a colorful large wall mural bursting with artistic imagery, a vibrant spot for selfies.

If you were to describe this mural to friends, what would they say? A blue buffalo playing a guitar while a green snake holds a spear, a golden eagle flies overhead and a trout with reading glasses jumps about below. 

It’s hard to really get the picture of this massive mural without, well, a picture. This amazing piece of art by artist Jordan Dean was painted on the side of a five story building as part of a public mural program. The sheer size and uniqueness of this mural makes it the best place to take a selfie!

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3. Welcome to Cheyenne Mural

Group of friends at the iconic 'Howdy from Cheyenne' mural, a perfect selfie spot in Cheyenne.

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Another great mural by the talented Jordan Dean. This mural is painted on the side of the oldest building in Cheyenne, built in 1871 after the Great Fire of 1870. This mural, done in the fashion of a postcard, is a perfect selfie pic you can send to friends while you’re visiting Cheyenne - make your own texting postcard! Like many of the murals in Cheyenne, this one is instantly recognizable as well. 

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4. Selfie with Bison | Terry Bison Ranch

Cheerful tourists feeding a bison at Terry Bison Ranch, known as one of the best selfie spots.

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Before we get into the details here, let’s be clear - you won’t be taking a selfie right next to a bison, at least not out in the open. That being said, Terry Bison Ranch’s bison train tour is a great way to get close and personal with these massive creatures as you hand feed them from the safety of a train car. 

Pictures are easy to take, but keep in mind, trying to get that perfect angle for a selfie with the bison is done at your own risk. 

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5. State Capitol Building

Two friends taking a selfie at the Cheyenne State Capitol Building.

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Whether you’re a history buff, a fan of beautiful architecture or just want a cool photo op, it’s hard to beat the Wyoming Capitol Building. This gold-domed marvel of sandstone is where women were given the right to vote in the State of Wyoming - which had already done so as a territory years before. Wyoming was the first state to grant women’s suffrage and as such earned the nickname the Equality State. 

This beautiful capitol has a free self-guided tour open to the public during the week, giving you the perfect opportunity for a few great selfies. 

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6. Selfie Wearing Cowboy Hat | Wrangler

Smiling man taking a selfie trying on a cowboy hat inside The Wrangler, a famed Cheyenne store for ranch wear.

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When it comes to shops in Cheyenne, few are as long-served and iconic than the red and white building that dominates the corner of Capitol and Lincolnway. The Wrangler is actually a Boot Barn on the inside, but the building itself was originally a hotel built in the 1880’s. 

The Wrangler offers western clothing and cowboy hats, including custom shaping for your own hat. Drop in, grab a hat and make sure you take a pic! 

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7. Selfie with an Old Wagon | CFD Old West Museum

One of the largest collections of historic, old west wagons you’ll ever see is at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum. On top of learning about the largest outdoor rodeo in the nation, you’ll have a chance to experience some real history with these amazing wagons. 

Find your favorite one and grab a selfie - is it a medical wagon? The coach to deadwood? Maybe even the hearse! 

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8. Selfie with a Big Moose | Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

Brightly painted moose artwork amidst lush indoor plants at Cheyenne Botanic Gardens.

The moose is not the only great spot here for a selfie. The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens have so many opportunities for some great pics! The moose on the second floor is a great option, or take one from a third floor deck, looking over the tropical trees and plants below. Head outside and take a picture at the nature pond, or hike a little further to snap a pic with the oldest historic steam engine in Cheyenne.

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9. Turtle Rock | Vedauwoo Recreation Area

The outdoor opportunities near Cheyenne are some of the best around. For a truly unique experience look no further than the Vedauwoo [Vee-daw-voo] Recreation Area west of town. The unique rock formations and beautiful trails make for some great selfie opportunities. One of the best, of course, is one of the primary trails in the area - Turtle Rock. Hike along the bottom, or, like many a brave soul, hike and climb to the top and snap a photo.  

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10. Big Boy Steam Engine

Dog in front of Big Boy Steam Engine, a historical train and a selfie spot near Cheyenne.
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The Big Boy series of steam engines, built in the 1940’s, were built to take on the high climbs and demanding trips through the Rocky Mountains, including Sherman Hill, just west of Cheyenne. These massive, powerful locomotives were some of the largest ever made, and the 4004 engine on display at Holiday Park in Cheyenne has become an iconic piece of Cheyenne history. 

As you can see, Ari the Dutchie (we’ll assume it’s the lovely Dutch Shepherd in the photo above) seems to approve!

Of course, these picks are just some of the opportunities that abound in Cheyenne. Experience the Cheyenne Chic nightlife and breweries, explore the outdoors, and live the legend of Cheyenne’s western culture, and find your perfect selfie spot!

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