The Cheyenne You Haven’t Met Yet…

Cheyenne isn’t all horses and cowboys – Let us introduce you to the unexpected side of Cheyenne: A growing live music scene, an active arts community and restaurants you’d expect in an urban center.


Meet Cheyenne Chic.



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In the heart of it all, downtown…

Spreading out beyond the web of tracks of the Union Pacific rail yard, Cheyenne’s historic downtown is bracketed between the old Depot clock tower and the shining dome of the Capitol. Buildings dating back to the 1800s are now home to locally owned restaurants, shops, and galleries.

Larger-than-life murals scattered around the city’s center make for an excellent stroll, particularly when paired with a warm drink in hand from a local cafe. The collection of murals walls continues to expand, with something new to discover all year round.

As long as you are making your way around the downtown area, download the free Daddy of the Malt Craft Beverage Trail Pass and sample the local libations. All four breweries and one of the distilleries are located downtown, and the pass offers a Buy One, Get One deal at each stop. (Since you’ve nearly finished the pass, plan a trip over to Pine Bluffs, and earn a stainless-steel pint glass to take home with you!)


Want to sample local and fresh? No matter when you visit, you’re in luck. Cheyenne has several farmers markets through the year – The Winter Market runs November to May, the Tuesday Market runs June-October, and the Saturday Market runs August to October. Load up your reusable bags with seasonal veggies and fruit, stock up on locally-raised meat and fill your pantry with honey, jams, and sauces – taking a bit of the West home to enjoy later!

In the same vein, there is a host of shops to browse art from local and regional creators, see the latest blend of modern and western décor, or find the perfect accessory or apparel to remember your trip. Art galleries and studios are sprinkled between shops – and the Buck Off Cheyenne Savings Pass is a great way to save some money while you explore.

Getting out…

If Wyoming autumn had a mascot, it would uncontestably be the golden, quaking aspen trees indigenous to the area. A gorgeous, winding 30-minute drive west of Cheyenne brings you to Curt Gowdy State Park and its three reservoirs, and just beyond that is the rocky playground known as Vedauwoo in Medicine Bow National Forest. In both locations the aspen shine through patches of pine trees and sprout up between other-worldly rock formations. The trails available in the region immerse the adventurer in the fairy tale-like environments where you may spot fauna like beavers, marmots, deer, elk, and the occasional moose. Hiking, mountain biking, and picnicking are all excellent options for those seeking Wyoming’s spectacular show of color.


Whether you are coming up for the day, a long weekend, or a midweek escape, Cheyenne is open and responsibly welcoming visitors. Socially distanced live music, festivals, and craft beverage trails get you out Dodge and do something new.

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